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Miss Versatility Strand by Kailis Jewellery

15 November 2012

A few weeks ago, I received an interesting email from Kailis Jewellery, asking me whether I would like to be involved in a little project – in which I road test a string of pearls for a month.

Now I usually borrow fashion media samples for a week, wear them once for a photo shoot, and return the items the following week.

I don’t usually borrow items for a month. And I don’t usually wear something, WORTH THE PRICE OF A NEW CAR around my neck.

I told them I wouldn’t need it for a month, I’d be too scared of losing it or breaking it!

But they insisted.

They wanted me to EXPERIENCE what it was like to own and wear the pearls – you know, while wearing them to VIP fashion parties, out to dinner with my husband, lunch with my girlfriends, out about in the city to do some shopping, or hey, taking an evening stroll by the beach at sunset.

That idea intrigued me.

Do people really wear their pearls to the beach? Seriously? Ok so Miranda Kerr wears her Kailis Pearls to the beach – but then, she is a super model married to a movie star. I thought pearls were only for grand occasions. Buuuuut… out shopping? Out to lunch? To the movies? Hmmmm that could be A LOT of fun.

So I said yes and popped into the Kailis Jewellery store to pick them up.


The Versatility Strand is a long, single-strand pearl necklace that is designed so that you can detach sections of pearls to create different lengths of shorter necklaces, as well as small bracelets. The picture below shows the concept of one strand, in its four different variations.

The pearls are attached by specially designed clasps, with a Kailis signature studded diamond. Pretty!

Kailis Jewellery  - Versatility Strand

As you can see, it’s such a simple, elegant idea.

Why just have one long pearl necklace, when you can change the lengths and match them with your outfit.

The Versatility Stands are available in all different sizes and grades of pearls. You can choose a strand that have large pearls that glow like the moon, or smaller pearls with a silver-platinum colour. Basically, you can choose a strand that suits your budget and they all vary according to the size of the pearls, their lustre, shape, surface and colour etc.

Can you imagine that it takes the designers YEARS to find perfectly matched pearls for one strand (same size, surface, colour!)… because these are REAL PEARLS from REAL OYSTERS.

Kailis Jewellery - Versatility Strand

I was shown this beeeeautiful Versatility strand, which I got to try on.

The pearls were so SO shiny, SO white, heavy (in a good way) and gah they were utterly gorgeous and so smooth against my skin. It cost around $800,000! Eeeep!

(I am amazed that they let me touch it with my unwashed hands.)

I was also told that Kailis have a Couture Strand range, featuring some of the largest, most exquisite and expertly matched pearls in the world. I didn’t even bother asking how much THOSE cost. It just boggles my mind to think of so many zeros.

So just when I thought that I’d never be able to own a string of pearls… they tell me this:

Kailis are now introducing their latest necklace range, the Miss Versatility Strand (pssst… which are much more affordable ladies!).

Kailis Jewellery  - Miss Versatility Strand

It simply is a shorter length of pearls, with the same detachable “Versatility” features. This time the strand turns into 3 distinct and stand alone pieces, which are extremely wearable and versatile – a long pearl strand, a short choker strand and a bracelet.

And being a shorter strand, the price of the Miss Versatility Strand is in a more accessible range – so that even my husband could afford to buy it for me. (Are you reading this babe?)

Kailis Jewellery

So this is my strand. Did I just say “MY”? I meant, this is THE strand that I am BORROWING to try out. It is one of the higher grades of pearls (of this size) in this current collection and oh my, it is stunning! The colour and lustre of the pearls are just gorgeous!

I think these pearls are a lovely size. Not too LARGE and in-your-face and not too small.

And then we got to the part where I was going to take the pearls away.

Yup I walked them out of the shop. Eeeeek so exciting!

A few days later, I cracked open the box and took them out to play.

Kailis Jewellery

Why hello there. We are going to be very good friends.

It so happened that I had a couple of evening events come up, so I could “road test” them.

I went to the launch of a new boutique hotel on Thursday, then a launch of a new fashion boutique on Friday, and then I went to the opera with my husband on Saturday.

Yes, I wore the pearls every evening! And here’s a peek at how I wore them.

Wearing Kailis Jewellery

I’ll be showing them off in greater detail in another blog post, and talking about how I worked the pearls into my fashion wardrobe.

In the meantime, I’ll be wearing my pearls for a few more weeks. I have a grand ball to attend, a few lunch soirées and who knows, I might even make it to the beach, as recommended.

For beautiful pearl photos and fashion inspirations, check out the Kailis Jewellery Facebook Page.