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Hear Me RAWR!

9 November 2012

With several seasons of eye-popping colour and dazzling neons, the fashion world is now slowly headed back to the glorious world of BLACK AND WHITE. Yay finally!

But my story starts a couple of months ago. I was itching to find and wear some sexy, black heels to fashion week. However I left it too late (as always) and I didn’t have enough time to buy myself a new pair of shoes.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, the divine designer from GlamRockChic emailed me and wanted to send me a few pairs of shoes and ask me what I thought of them. Hell yeah, send them over!

GlamRockChic #4 Hear me Rawr

This is the luxury label’s 4th collection. And I love that they are a collection of mostly BLACK heels.

The first pair of shoes I picked out was called, Modern II.

If you look at the product page, you can see the side on view and it looks HOT! There are little asymmetric, angled cut outs and wide top straps with chunky silver hardware. It’s patent leather, so it has a very sleek, modern, sexy look to it. It’s fierce, but still chic.

I wore it with my Topshop faux leather pants, Wessex Sequin top, and Bardot white blazer.

And Berrybow maroon, tweed, mini dress.

GlamRockChic #4 Hear me Rawr

My favourite feature of this shoe is the wide top strap and the cut outs.

Tthey were really comfortable too!

GlamRockChic #4 Hear me Rawr

This next shoe is called, Venus.

Ok these shoes have taken the idea of a “comfortable designer shoe” to a whole new level for me. Its upper and inner are 100% soft sheepskin, and oh my, I feel like I’m wearing a velvety glove on my feet. The inside lining of the shoes are buttery soft and I can stand for HOURS in them :)

If you have been following me via instagram (@karenlycheng) you’ll notice that last week I went out to 3 events, 3 evenings in a row. And for each of those events I wore these Venus shoes, with 3 different dresses, of course. And for each evening, I must have walked 1km in them and stood around in them for 3-4 hours.

Verdict: No blisters, no red marks, no sore ankles, or toes. Very, very comfortable. I even drove home in them. Didn’t have to take them off in the car.

GlamRockChic #4 Hear me Rawr

Its price is really affordable, considering the quality, the luxe materials and the design. Definitely a worthy shoe investment!

It’s almost a classic “fierce” shoe design. Edgy, sexy, a bit of rock and roll, yet still polished. They are my new favourite shoes tee hee.

I wore it with my Nobody black jeans, Kookai tee and Styleberry suede jacket.

And with my silk cocktail dress by Aurelio Costarella.

GlamRockChic #4 Hear me Rawr

And lastly, GlamRockChic have launched their first flat shoe, called the Modern Petite.

With luxurious materials, sleek design, it is very similar to the first shoe I talked about, the Modern II (but it doesn’t have the asymmetric cut out bit). I love the wide straps and the silver buckle, it looks modern and smart.

It’s a little different to your standard flat sandal, in that the sides are slightly raised which continues to the back of the shoe. You might have to take a peek at the product page to get a proper look.

It took me a while to get used to it, but after wearing it for a day, I realised they were really comfy, and they made my feet look really nice – slim, clean, and it just covered up my (possibly dirty) soles, and the dry skin on my heels!

GlamRockChic #4 Hear me Rawr

GlamRockChic are known for their comfortable, yet high-fashion designs, and these shoes certainly did not disappoint.

I have a special discount code for anyone interested in purchasing a pair (or two) site wide!

Apply the discount code “XMAS20” to receive 20% off with every purchase of 2 shoes from GlamRockChic in a single shipment.

Promotion duration : 9 Nov to 16 Nov 2012.


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