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Sandals for Coloured Jeans

26 October 2012

With the arrival of warm weather, I worked out that I can’t wear black sandals with coloured jeans.

To me, black strappy sandals have a very “gladiator” or “tough” look to them. And I just can’t slip them on while I’m wearing my sunshine yellow jeans. The contrast of colour and look… just looks a bit wrong.

So I took it upon myself to source out some affordable sandals that would go great with coloured jeans :)

Sandals for Coloured Jeans

Metallic sandals look fab with sunshine yellow!

This pair is from Novo.

Sandals for Coloured Jeans

Nude, beige and tan sandals are a no-brainer. The neutral, muted tones work perfectly for pastels outfits.

These are nude sandals with a touch of gold, from Romwe.

Sandals for Coloured Jeans

Snakeskin or zebra print sandals add lots of visual interest to an outfit, and keeps the colours and tones tied together.

These genuine leather babies are by Moonbasa, via YesStyle.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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