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20 October 2012

I am writing this on my mobile phone, standing in a chilly park with a bike leaning on my hip, surrounded by 1200 other very excited people, at 6.30 am on Saturday morning. In literally a few minutes, we will set off on the beginning of our ride.

There are very few serious bike riders here, so for most, this the biggest thing we have ever done. Like me, many of us didn’t even own a bike a year ago.

Announced: 1216 riders in total raised $4.6million!! Amazing! #rtcc #rtccpr

It has just been announced to us that 1216 Ride To Conquer Cancer riders have raised 4.6 MILLION dollars! Amazing!

I am just giddy with excitement, and so buzzed to be part of something so huge and important.

(We’ll see how excited I am in about five hours, though, when I am tired, sweaty, and have a sore butt!)