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A Close Escape

11 October 2012

Nokia and iphone

Recently, my husband had to go away to a little rural town for the weekend, and I was staying home to look after the boys. Only hours before he left, he found out that his 1990s era mobile phone WOULD NOT WORK where he was going (wrong frequency to use the local roaming service), but that my iPhone would. So, we swapped phones for the weekend.

Bad, bad, BAD idea!

It was very confusing for both of us. Whenever I received a message from him on “his” phone, of course it was from MY phone, so said that I was getting messages from me! Huh?

And then I had to type a message to him using those tiny tiny tiny little buttons (multi-tap keys), so my messages to him were very short. And I felt very out of touch… because nobody sent any messages to HIS phone except him. Or rather, me.

But it was worse for my husband, since he had never used an iPhone before. He found the interface very confusing.

He spent the whole weekend getting phone calls and texts from my girlfriends trying to organise play dates, confirming coffee dates, asking me which colour shoes they should buy, my family members organising Sunday dinner. My sister wanted to Facetime with me from London, but he didn’t even how to get it to work. He even got a message from my mother asking if he/I wanted the left over roast pork.

Now, my husband and I do not spend very much time apart, and after only one day, he got quite …lonely. So he sent me a very, hmm… how can I put this nicely… affectionate text message. It left no doubt that he really wished that I was right there with him.

The only problem was that… he nearly sent this very private text message to…. MY MOTHER!

She was the last person to text him, and he, in his confusion, had chosen to “reply to last message” instead of starting a new one.

His finger was hovering over the “send” button when he realised his error.

I nearly died when he told me about this later.

It would’ve been so wrong! Imagine receiving an inappropriately intimate text message from ME/HIM!


I’m sure she would have worked out what had happened… and perhaps she would have been glad to know that after 10 years of marriage, he and I are still keen to spend time together.

(Oh, and we also recently found out that our sons have been reading our text messages to each other! Delete! Delete!)