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The Money Shot

2 October 2012

Margaret River

So, this is where I was and what I was doing, last weekend.

The above photo was taken at the White Elephant Cafe in Gnarabup Beach, Margaret River. The cafe had a few wooden tables over looking the beach, and ahhh it was bliss. I find that a steak burger always tastes better when eaten overlooking the Indian ocean!

We had a family holiday “down south”, as we say in my home town. It was fantastic! We only went for three days, but it was enough for me to rest and recharge my batteries.

We stayed with friends, who also had 3 kids, so most of our activities were tailored for the children.

Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River are very popular holiday destinations for the people who live in Perth. It’s only a 2.5 hours drive south, and it is full of awesome food places, local wineries, cheese factories, chocolate factories, bush walking, hiking, caves to explore, boating, fishing, zillions of playgrounds for the kids… and the best beaches in the world, in my humble opinion :)

Busselton Jetty

This is Busselton Jetty, the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere (about 2km long). There’s a train that can take you to the end of the jetty, and there’s an underwater aquarium at the end too.

(Many years ago, I did a scuba dive at the end of the jetty AT NIGHT! It was pretty amazing!)

We took the kids to lots of interesting parks and places, including the Yallingup 3D Maze and Puzzle Cafe.  And a climb through Giant’s Cave!

I also managed to squeeze in a quick 20km cycle for myself.

But most of all we relaxed and hung out at the beach.

It was young boy heaven. They had a gang of friends to run around with, water to splash in, sticks to sword fight with, rocks to climb on, and sand to make castles with.

It was a simple and easy holiday, but we all had a fantastic time!