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Yellow Bike, Yellow Bloom

10 September 2012

Cycle to Mandurah

On the weekend, I rode 100km for my training ride. It was a fantastic ride!

I’ve been doing that distance with my training group every week, for the last few weeks.

It took us about 4.5 hours and we ride it all in one go, with small stops for drink and food.

The photo above is of me in Mandurah. Ok yes, we stopped to have a coffee at the Marina before we headed back.

Along Freeway South of Perth

This is somewhere south of Perth. We rode down along the freeway. The cycle paths are brand new, flat, wide… hardly any other cyclists or pedestrians about. I rode side by side with my team mates and I think I chatted the whole way down.

I cruise comfortably at around 28km/hr, the fastest I ever ride is 36km/hr, and all up I average around 23km/hr – which isn’t very fast, but I have to make the whole distance of 100kms without passing out at the end.

Overall, my fitness has skyrocketed… I feeling amazing and I love it!!

But I’ve now realised that if I want to keep this level of fitness and keep feeling this good, I have to look after my body really carefully.

Now I *have* to get 7-8 hours sleep. I have to eat well. I have to stop eating crap. I have to get extra exercise during the week.

Or else… I just crash.

If I don’t sleep, eat and exercise well… I get really tired and lethargic. I have low energy and I start to lack motivation and focus. My brain is not as sharp as usual. And I just feel blurry and slow and simple things seem really difficult. I crave instant energy food like sugar, chocolate and caffeine that only give me a spike of energy, then I crash again.

It’s a careful and sensitive balance that I’m trying to manage and get used to.

I don’t know if it’s just me, my age, my size, my BMI, or the fact I have 3 kids, a husband and a blog to look after when I get home. I don’t seem to know anyone else who is so sensitive in this way. Any fitness freaks out there who have gone through the same thing? Any tips on how to stay on top of it?

Bike in the Dirt

My friend had a flat tire while we were in the middle of no where. So while I was waiting for him to change his tube, I parked my bike in the dirt and did a few stretches. I don’t usually like to put my beautiful bike in the sand, but it doesn’t have a bike stand on it, and there was nothing nearby to lean it against.

Then I was struck by how cool it looked – vibrant yellow against the yellow dirt.

Much like the yellow wattle in bloom.

Yellow Wattle

It was a crazy perfect day for cycling!

Hey, you can donate to help me raise money to find the cure for cancer. Only 40 days to go before my ride!