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8 September 2012

Ipad cover

I bought a couple of items over the last few weeks.

My ipad needed a sleeve or cover, because it was getting a bit scratched up in my handbag.

So I found this cute Marc Jacobs cover in a lovely turquoise colour. It was only $38 dollars, from Endless!

As for my iphone case, I fell *in love* with this cover design by UK illustrator Pomme Chan. It’s colourful, feminine, arty, a bit different and perhaps a bit moody. It reminds me of doodles and sketches I used to do when I was a teenager in art school. Haha it’s very me I think.

And my white Adidas watch was actually a gift from my parents. It’s been my favourite watch to wear all season. View similar here.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!