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Cycling Update – Bikes and Girly Bits

3 August 2012

Here’s an update of my cycling adventures as I train towards my Fundraising Ride to Conquer Cancer – 200km in 2 days!

1) My New Bike!!

New Bike

Yes I got a bike for my birthday!! Ain’t she hot?!

Brand new road bikes are pretty expensive, so I spent a bit of time looking in the second-hand market. It took me ages to find a bike in my size. But yay, I finally found one that was super light, super small, bright yellow and fit me PERFECTLY. She is 7 years old, and I’m so happy with her!!

The bike is a 2005 Giant TCR 1 Aero, with Shimano 105 groupset, a Selle Italia Nova seat and other cool bits which I won’t bore you with.

Haven’t got a name for her yet. Any ideas?

2) Cycling Buddies!

I’ve recently joined a cycling group to help me train for my ride. Our team leader is awesome – he’s a seasoned cyclist with tonnes of experience, he is attentive, supportive, patient, and gives me lots of great advice and tips while I’m riding.

And now I’ve been cycling 70km every Sunday morning! Amazing!

My fitness and energy levels are up, as is my confidence and spirit. I’m feeling so damn fine, and I’m so thankful for my husband for making it possible (ie. looking after the kids all day)! Definitely couldn’t do it without him, or all my supporters. Thank yoooou!!

OK, back to my cycling group…

It seems that I’m the only female in the group. There are supposed to be a few other women, but they have been sick, or nursing an injury, or they forgot to set an alarm – so I’ve never actually met my female group members yet.

I hope they turn up soon. You see, the guys don’t seem to do much talking WHILE cycling. And I like a bit of a chat. I want some Sunday gossip. I want to know what was the last thing they bought, what they think about different brands of energy drinks  and what they are cooking for dinner tonight blah blah blah.

But more important than that, I want to talk about…

3) Vaginas.

That’s right. After a long ride, male cyclists talk about being “Saddle Sore”…

But for us women, we’re talking about our lady bits.

4 hours on a bike seat? VERY SORE VJAY.

See? That’s why I need some women in my cycling group!! Can you imagine me cycling along on the path, next to my male team mates, chatting about the Olympics, the Tour de France, the weather… and my sore vagina? Neither can I.

When I first started this crazy adventure, a few women told me that it was very common to have a sore nether region after a long bike ride. I guess having three kids – au naturale – made me somewhat confident that my magic flower could cope with anything. Hoo boy was I wrong.

I bought padded cycling pants, which I wrote about a few weeks ago.

At the time, I was told that you have to wear the padded pants with NO UNDERWEAR, to avoid chaffing. No undies? I simply couldn’t imagine it. But when I started riding longer distances and spent 2-3 hours on the bike… I got very sore. Eventually, on one ride, I was in so much pain and so desperate for relief… that I stopped to take my underwear off!!

I can’t remember the last time I walked out of a public toilet with my panties scrunched up in my pocket. Ahem.

Amazingly, it worked. I felt free, wild and a lot less chaffed!

But alas, as my riding distance increased (3-4 hours on the bike now), the pain has returned.

So I did a bit of research. I found a blog by a female cyclist who talked very honestly about her saddle-stressed labia (not as bad you as think). And on her recommendation, I bought a tube of Women’s Chamois Cream – designed specifically for friction and chaffing. Meaning, it will prevents your delicate region from being rubbed raw. Oh joy.


It’s called DZ Nuts Bliss and it’s not exactly the most classiest looking product. On the packaging, there are a bunch of pink, penis-shaped bike seats arranged in flowers. Eew. It looks naughty. Like lube. Which it is. But not that kind of lube.

Verdict. It is DISGUSTING with a capital D. It’s a totally and utterly GROSS. It’s like walking around with what feels like 3 tablespoons of cold mayonnaise squishing around in your knickers. BLEEERRRGH. But it WORKS. Good lord, it works a treat.

Moving right along now.


It is winter where I am right now, and it has been soooo cold lately. I’ve had to stop riding very early in the mornings, because the temperature drops down to 2C… and my toes, fingers, nose, ears get so numb and sore – it’s just not worth it for a 1 hour ride.

Cold Weather Cycling
This is me all rugged up for cycling in the cold weather!

You’re actually not supposed to rug yourself up too much, because you get too hot from all the cycling. But I’m a wimp. When I leave the house at 6am in the morning, I have 3 (sometimes 4) layers on my body, beanie, gloves, 2 pairs of socks… and while I ride, I shed them layer by layer and toss them into my backpack. It’s such as hassle!


I have 10 weeks left until the big ride! So far I have raised $4,159.08!! But my target is $10,000.

I’d love it if you could help and support my ride by donating $20, $50 or whatever you can to fund research to find the cure for cancer.

Please head over to my donations page and make a donation!!

The money goes immediately and directly to cancer research.

Thanks for all your support!