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My Little Green Thumbs

16 July 2012

A while ago, I was landscaping my garden and digging out some OLD plants to make room for some NEW plants. I had a few mysterious plants (left by our tenants) which were unidentifiable to me and surplus to requirements… so I asked my 7year old son to drag them over to the compost heap.

Instead he asked if he could make his own garden.

In fact, he announced that he was going to make a ZEN GARDEN.

He got this idea from the computer game, Plants Vs. Zombies (where you have to build a garden to keep out the zombies from attacking your house!) . I thought it was very clever and intuitive of him.

Both my kids set to work and… look at what they came up with!!

Zen Garden

How cute is that?!?

My kids are gardening!

They collected various rocks, pebbles, shells and bricks from all around the yard and spent HOURS arranging everything into a cute little landscape for themselves.

They asked me for more plants.

Then they harassed me for even MORE plants.

They found a few statues (or junk that could be used as statues) and decorated their garden.

Then they harassed me for more statues.

Zen Garden

My mother came over to visit later that day. She’s a hardcore gardener.

She was *so tickled* by what she saw that she went out – straight away – and bought some extra gnomes and garden ornaments for them. A reading ant with a solar panel, which lights up a little light at night.

Zen Garden

During the whole process, they asked so many questions about… what were the best plants to grow, which plants can grow from cuttings, how to consider the size of the plant in 5 years, which ones needed a lot of water and which were high maintenance…

It was all very cool.

Despite the “Plants vs Zombie” irony, I love it that my kids are so excited about something that’s not a computer game.