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A Mummy (or Mommy) Monster in the Street

11 June 2012

The other day we were messing about on the street outside our house, with the other children who also lived on the street. It’s a cul-de-sac, so no traffic to worry about.

Some kids were riding bikes and scooters, others were playing ball games and some were playing on the swings.

Chalk on the street

Liam, my 3yo, and I were chalk drawing.

I traced around his body and he – surprisingly – lay still for enough time!

Chalk on the street

Then it was my turn. Liam insisted that he trace around me too.

Chalk on the street

Now to finish off the eyes and mouth.

Chalk on the street

All done!

I look like a Pokemon-ish Monster!

(He can’t write “U” for MUM, so MOM it is!)