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The Evolution of Karen’s Bikes

7 June 2012

Bike Mummy

I call her “The Mummy Bike”

I’ve had this bike for a few years. My husband found it dumped by the side of the road. He put a child seat on the back of it, so I could ride with my toddler to the river. But this was when I was riding with my other two kids on their bikes, and we would go very slow, about as slow as a fast walk.

When I first became serious about cycling, I simply rode faster, without the toddler. And it was very, very hard work. Even without the toddler, the sheer wind drag of the baby seat was huge. I was exhausted and disheartened.

Then my riding friends explained it to me – I was crazy trying to make the bike go faster…it just isn’t designed for it. It is made of heavy steel, it is rusty, and it has huge, knobbly tires. And a baby seat.

I was only riding distances of 5 – 10kms on this bike. Veeeeeeery slooooowly.

Bike Huffy

HUFFY the Trainer

When I decided to do my Fundraising Ride to Conquer Cancer – I was given a new(ish) bike!

It just so happened that a friend of a friend of a friend happened to have a small sized bike they wanted to get rid of (which was my size). They gave it to me and I was soooo excited.

Why? Well, it was much newer than my Mummy Bike, it was lighter, it had low resistance “slick” tires, and a bike computer that actually told me exactly how SLOW I was going. And no baby seat!

I called this bike “Huffy” but I couldn’t decide whether it was a “him” or a “her”.

I had it for a few weeks and I started riding distances of up to 20-25km.

But I was still really unfit. After a 20km ride, I felt totally trashed and my whole body would ache for a week!

However, as I got fitter, I was inspired. I could go faster, and it felt good!

And then…

Bike Monzi

MONZI came into my life! (Swoon!)

(Monzi is definitely a he.)

I was researching to buy myself a proper road bike, just like the ones that kept going past me on the bike paths. It looked like it was going to cost me $2000 for a reasonable entry-level, road bike. Yikes!

I was very reluctant to make a purchase before I even *tried* to ride a road bike.

Anyway, in the midst of my deliberation, some friends (Hi Lia and James!) kindly offered to lend me their son’s road bike. Their son had just turned 13, and he was too busy being a teenager to ride the bike right now. That’s right, I am borrowing bike from a 13 year old boy!

So, this is my current bike and it is still *slightly* too big for me. I will be riding Monzi for a few months, before I decide what to buy.

And what can I say? Monzi is glooooorious to ride. I am absolutely *hooked* on cycling now.

I feel like I’m running – no, flying through the air – as opposed to crawling.

Excuse me while I go technical for a moment… He has a rigid, light-weight alloy frame. Rigid, light-weight wheels. High pressure, rigid, skinny tyres. He’s very rigid all over, actually. Noiseless, finger tap gear changes. And other stuff I don’t understand, but love.

After riding this bike, I can say that I’m now a cyclist for life.

I’m looking forward to more training!!

Bring it on!!

Oh and in case you didn’t catch it… Please help me raise $10,000 to help find the cure for cancer!!

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I want to make a difference!

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