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Life, the Universe and Everything

4 June 2012

Dunsborough 2012

On the weekend, we joined 10 other families  for a little holiday down south.

We stayed in a holiday park on Geographe Bay,  in a villa surrounded by trees, parks, playgrounds and THE BEACH!

The whole holiday park was dotted with wooden climbing frames and swings for all ages, and a massive tarzan rope.

The photo above was a very cool flying fox, which the kids (and adults) played on until sunset.

Dunsborough 2012

The beach down in Geographe Bay is amazing!!

We spent the weekend… paddling in the beach, building a huge sand castle, playing beach soccer, having barbeques, playing mini golf, eating ice cream, visiting wineries, cycling, having picnics, chatting and hanging out with wonderful friends.

Dunsborough 2012

We also drove out to the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and did a 3km walk to Sugar Loaf Rock (the right lump in the photo above). The walk was so much fun.

Then all the adults and children in our group climbed over the rocky hill (the left lump in the photo above).

I stayed behind because I was looking after my 3yo. But he ALSO wanted to climb the rocks. He was frighteningly good at negotiating his way up the cracks. He was so agile and coordinated! The rocks were tinted subtle blues and pinks (his favorite colours).

Dunsborough 2012

After 30 minutes of climbing, we perched ourselves on a rock… and looked BACK at the rocky face we just climbed down.

Which we now had to climb back up!

Dunsborough 2012

The weather was lovely the whole weekend. I even went for a 35km cycle with a friend along some awesome coast line.

Dunsborough 2012

Oh and back on the beach…

For some strange reason, my 3 year old is obsessed with the number “24”.

So, in the beautiful Geographe Bay, while sitting in the gorgeous sunshine, looking out over kilometres of calm, flat, blue ocean, surrounded by friends, family, happiness and laughter… I absentmindedly molded his favourite numbers for him in the sand. With a twist.

I made it “42”, not “24”, to see if he noticed, or cared. He didn’t.

Then a friend pointed it out that “42” is supposedly the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything  in the book The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Coincidence, or not?