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Holiday adventures, starring my feet.

24 April 2012

It is the end of the school holidays here in Perth and I’ve been taking my kids out… A LOT.

We’ve been out every day, meeting friends, enjoying the autumn sunshine, having soooo many relaxing and fantastic outings. We’ve visited parks, water parks, fun parks, playgrounds, beaches, riversides, cafes, museums, libraries, shops, movies and more.

It really is a sweet life. I look around myself so often and think that me, my family, my friends, our society… we live like royalty. It’s truly amazing. And I feel so grateful.

Ice Blocking
The other day some friends invited us to go “ice blocking“.

You can buy a large block of ice (with handle already frozen in) for $12… find a grassy slope, throw a towel over the ice, and kids can spend hours sliding down the hill, having a hootingly good time.

It was so much fun!

 School Holidays April 2012 - Kings Park Naturescape
Another day, we spent half the day at the Naturescape in Kings Park. Created as a natural playground for children, the park has a flowing creek, little lakes, climbing trees, board walks, tunnels and huts.

Children can make dams out of rocks, make potions with water/sand/leaves, climb ropes and lots of other stuff.

It’s a beautiful concept and my kids loved it. They rated it 10/10 for fun and entertainment.

(The week before they went to Adventure World – water slides and rollercoasters… and it only got 9/10!)

School Holidays April 2012 - Cultural Centre Wetlands
Last week, we stumbled across a “Children’s Science Activity” at the Wetlands in the Perth Cultural Centre.

Kids were allowed to take water samples of the wetlands, test its acidity, visibility and look for creatures living in the “swamp”.

School Holidays April 2012 - Heathcoate
One of the many parks we went to… This was Heathcoate Reserve Playground which has an amazingly large (multi storey) wooden playground and a million dollar view over the river!

But you’ll have to settle for a picture of my feet on the path.