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Rapping It Like Cuba

12 April 2012

One sunny morning, I took my 3 year old to a busy playground.

I was spread out and lazing on the grass, when I noticed that Liam had picked something up.

I immediately asked him what he had found. You know, it’s my job to know what he picks up.

He said, “I found some MONEY!!”

“OH WOW! Can I see it?”

I wanted to check that it was actually money, or maybe it was something else. Like someone else’s half eaten lollypop. Or something sharp and dangerous.

But he curled his fingers over it and hid it behind his back – “NOPE!”

“Awww please? Can I see it?” I asked.

He giggled and scooted off, still clutching his fist tightly. I thought that maybe he was lying about the whole thing, so I started to get a little annoyed.

I asked to see it a few more times, after which I refused to play his game any longer.

Then he said, “I’ll show you, but you have to take a picture of it, ok?”

I sighed. I was moving up to QUITE IRRITATED now.

I shuffled over to my handbag, reached in, and took out my phone. I heaved myself up from the grass, stood up, dusted the grass off my ass and positioned myself to take a photo of him.

I started to snap away and sang out, “OK I’m taking photos now, you can show me the money now.”

Liam and his money

But as you can see the little rascal was playing me. A bit like his father does on occasions… and I don’t like it from either of them.

He refused to show it to me. He kept his hand hidden behind his back and laughed at me. He was outright taunting me now.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO!!”


“LIAM!” I said, “Please show me the money!!”

“Hehehe nooooooo I’m not going to show yoooooou!”


I suddenly realise that I’m standing there in a playground, surrounded by other parents and kids, shouting loudly at my toddler to “SHOW!! ME!! THE MONEY!!” and I’m both growling with anger and half pissing my pants with laughter. I really didn’t know if I should tackle him to the ground, or to keep on rapping it like in the Tom Cruise movie Jerry Maguire.

Very. Strange. Parenting. Moment.

Liam and his money

(In the end, I did nothing, and Liam got bored. I then took a stealthy sniper pic of him and his money. Ha! I WIN! And he found 20 cents!)