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How to Throw an Arm Party!

10 April 2012

You’ve probably seen the trend of stacking multiple bracelets and bangles on your wrists, which are called “arm parties”.

It’s wonderfully fun to wear and gives your outfit a sexy, playful edge. Well the team from Wanderlust + Co asked me to share how I put my arms parties together.

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Honestly, there is no rule for arm parties – just stack heaps of your favourite bangles and bracelets together – whatever best reflects your personality and mood at the moment!

However sometimes – even I can admit – that the haphazard stacking can look a bit crazy and messy (which is fine when you are in a “crazy and messy mood”).

But when you want to look a bit more “put together”…. here are a few visual design tips.

1) Try just one large chunky item – your favourite watch, a big-colourful bangle, a sparkly-spiky bracelet.

2) Team it with one statement piece that compliments (or boldly contrasts) your outfit. If you’re wearing black, try a bold orange or neon piece!

3) Select 2-3 smaller bracelets that each compliment at least one other item already chosen!

4) Stick to one metallic tone for all pieces. Eg gold, silver, rose gold.

5) Stock up on white, black, nudes and neutral bracelets, because they are so versatile!

6) Experiment and be playful with you colour combinations!

Here some arm party inspirations, featuring pieces from the mouth-watering wrist collection from Wanderlust + Co.

Wanderlust + Co - Arm Party!

Top – Redophin; Skirt – LClothes; Shoes – Gucci replicas.

Wanderlust + Co - Arm Party!

Wanderlust + Co Sunburst Navy Leather Wrap, Snake cuff from Forever New, Multi-stud Silver Nude Wrap, Watch from Guess, Blue Chain Toggle Bracelet.

Wanderlust + Co - Arm Party!

Top – Alexander Wang; Leather skirt – YesStyle; Shoes – ASOS.

Wanderlust + Co - Arm Party!

Wanderlust + Co Multi-Stud Silver Nude Wrap, White Cuff from Sportsgirl, Multi-Bar Gold Camel Bracelet, Sunburst Navy Leather Wrap.

Wanderlust + Co - Arm Party!

Top – Prada; Pants – ASOS; Heels – Sportsgirl.

Wanderlust + Co - Arm Party!

Silver Braid Cuff – Sportsgirl, Wanderlust + Co XL DLink Gold Turquoise Bracelet, Rainbow Braid from Dressonomy, Multi-bar Gold Camel Bracelet.

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Hope you find something you love!!

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