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Hotness Galore at ClubCouture

4 April 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a bunch of gorgeous evening dresses :)

I picked out 4 dresses from ClubCouture and each one made me squeal with delight!

Evening Dresses from ClubCouture

This first dress is the One Shoulder Banded Bodycon Dress from the Premium range.

Its quality and construction is fantastic (much better than bandage dresses from Topshop, Zara, or ASOS). The fabric is wonderfully thick, firm and stretchy.

Personally, I feel that this dress totally rates as a high-end designer dress (without the whopping price tag).

The one shoulder style made it feel a bit more elegant for a special occasion. I wore it out to my 10th anniversary dinner with my husband and I felt amazing!!

And here is this very similar (but different) second dress. It felt so comfortable, so balanced, so perfectly snug on my whole body… I felt like I could last a whole day and evening in it.

Evening Dresses from ClubCouture

It is called the Monochrome Banded Bodycon Dress and again it is from the Premium collection.

I think this dress looks  gorgeous, in a more classic, accentuates-your-curves, safe-but-sexy way!

Again the quality and construction of this dress is great. The firm fabric and fit feels a bit like shape-wear that pulls all your curves into place :)

I can’t choose which dress I prefer. Which is to say, I love both of them!

But wait, there are more!!

Evening Dresses from ClubCouture

The black dress is called the Satin and Lace Prom Dress.

It’s $59 dollars and it’s such a cute, simple and high-impact dress! The bodice has a simple elastic at the back and it’s easy and comfortable to wear. It nips in nice and tight at the waist, and puffs out into a full circle mini skirt. It’s fun and very flirty.

The aqua dress is the Teal Bodycon Dress, just $59. This one is also a nice, simple, easy to wear dress, that you can easily dress up or down. I really liked the colour too.

The material is of a lesser quality than the first 2 bandage dresses, but it matches the quality of clothes from ASOS. Definitely a great, affordable dress.

I’m liking the whole collection at ClubCouture for their affordable clothes. There are hundreds of dress styles there. And plenty of on-trend tops – from lovely blouses to casual jersey drape tops.

Hope you find something you like!

Happy shopping!

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