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Magical Family Time on the Stinkiest of Days

15 March 2012

Last weekend was one of those baking hot, 40°C West Australian weekends.

It’s what us locals like to call, a stinker.

It was also the 7th birthday of my second son, Sean.

S Pancake

We all woke up at a woeful 6am, and had a special breakfast for him.

Sean requested S-shaped pancakes for breakfast. Bless him.

We ate them with blueberries, ice cream and maple syrup.

River Beach

While most rational people stay inside, enjoy their air conditioning with a DVD and some fruit salad… our kids would get *fricking stir crazy* in the house… so we had to take them out.

So by 8am we packed up the car and drove to the river, where we found a gorgeous little spot for a swim. It was so quiet and we had the place to ourselves.

The water was incredibly warm and still. It was clean, calm and total bliss. And it was totally free.

My two big boys paddled out in the inflatable boat, with a bowl full of grapes and had a little picnic out in the middle of the water.

There were no fights, no bickering, no rude comments, no stupid squabbling, no bad behaviour, no annoying whinging…

It was just happy, happy, fun, fun, laughter, joy, squeals of delight, sand castle making, shell collecting, sea weed collecting, snacks, jolly games, cheerful chit chatting… for oh. my. god. 4 magical hours.

As a parent, trying to organise some quality family time, you can’t really ask for anything more.

I had a swim.

We wrestled with the crocodile and boat and we played pirate games.

I got sea weed tangled in my hair and I got stung on the leg by a jelly fish… but bah, it was totally worth it!!