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Warehouse Sale Goodies!!

30 March 2012

PeepToe Shoes Online Warehouse Sale

PeepToe Shoes are having a massive Online Warehouse Sale!!

There are a huge range of shoes, ballet flats, bags and jewellery that are all up to 75% off. You can pick up some statement high heels from $49, clutches from $29, and kick-ass, on-trend jewellery from $10.

The team sent me a few sale samples (which I have to send back) and deary me, it’s cruel I tell you. This bracelet above is $25. The rock and rock bracelet (with skulls) were $79, now $25.

PeepToe Shoes Online Warehouse Sale

The aqua suede shoes were $279, now only $99!

PeepToe Shoes Online Warehouse Sale

These ballet flats I’m wearing were $199, now $79. Next to them are Mushroom heels also were $199, now $79.

Limited time only, don’t miss it.

There’s heaps more on the sale site, so please go check it out!!

Happy shopping!

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Eating at Crazy Momma’s

29 March 2012

Bak Kut Teh Noodles

I made Bak Kut Teh (a Chinese pork bones soup with herbs) with thick udon noodles, tofu and vegetables for my family.

It was absolutely, mouth-wateringly delicious, if I do say so myself. My inner Chinese Mother smiled deeply with satisfaction.

I set up the table all nicely, 5 place mats, 5 pairs of chopsticks, 5 spoons and 5 bowls… full of noodles, soup and all the yummy stuff piled on top.

When my kids sat down at the dinner table and saw my set up, they buzzed in delight and amusement… and announced that I should open a Chinese restaurant!!

Haha I must admit that I beamed with pride.

They had tickled on one of my (many) secret career fantasies… to open an uber-cool, inner city, unfussy, cheap and cheerful cafe-restaurant, with cuisine based on my favorite mixed-up South-East Asian/Western recipes of all the women in my big family.

In my dream, my eating house becomes an institution for people of all ages. Artists paint murals on the walls. Celebrities line up to get in. It inspires songs and poems. I launch a world-wide franchise, and become a famous TV chef.

The world finally accepts that Sambal belacan, gado gado and spaghetti bolognese on the same yellow plastic plate is a legitimate, vibrant form of cuisine. Ha!

I didn’t confess this to my kids, of course. I am much too shy to talk about it with anybody (except YOU!). But I was happy to listen to their hilarious design of my imaginary restaurant.

And they decided that the restaurant should be called, Crazy Momma Cheng’s.

Ho ho ho.

I laughed and laughed.

(But that could work, right?)

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The Low Down Hairy Gossip, Part 3

27 March 2012

Nuffnang and Dove set me on a hair challenge – to try out the new Dove Nutri-Oil Serum, a “weightless blend of oils that give instant smoothness and shine”.

This is the hair diary that I kept while testing out the product.

Week 1

In my hair-product cupboard, I counted about 10 different brands and products – hair oil, hair repair cream, de-frizz serum, smoothing cream, straitening cream, heat protecting cream, hair mask, leave in conditioner, QV protection spray, hair gloss spray, vitamin E nourishing spray!

I moved them all aside, and I started to use Dove Nutri-Oil Serum, only.

You can read this post, to see how I actually applied the product.

After a few washes and applications of the Nutri-Oil Serum, my hair felt really nice. It felt smoothed, sleek, shiny, soft and not-frizzy. It looked great too.

But ok I wasn’t that surprised. Obviously, Dove know quite a bit about hair care. And other (more expensive) hair oils and hair products have produce the same effect for me in the past.

Nonetheless, I was very pleased with the result.

So…. TICK, the Dove Nutri-Oil Serum does deliver “instant smoothness and shine”.

Week 2

This is my hair, the day after I washed it – looking nice and healthy!

Dove Nutri-Oil Serum

I have been doing a lot of cycling and going to the gym. Think sweaty, itchy, oil-slick hair! Thus I have been washing my hair and using the serum a bit more often than usual.

Pleasantly delighted that my hair still felt soft and manageable.

I have had more “good hair” days than “bad hair” days!

Week 3

This week I really noticed the small details from longer term use of the product.

I became aware of its “weightlessness”. My hair still felt light after using it. And it did not feel heavy or weighed down.

I liked the smell of it.

I liked that it is a non-greasy formula, so the residue left on my hands (after I run it through my hair) is not gross and oily.

The serum comes in a handy pump pack – which was very convenient. No fiddling around with unscrewing caps and oily dribbles.

Dove Nutri-Oil Serum in Gym Bag

The bottle is made of plastic (not glass!!!!) with a cap… so just I threw it into my gym bag or my beach bag, and used it on the go.

Week 4

I went to the gym twice a week and I cycled twice a week. The weather has been hot so we’ve been swimming at the beach and pool.

I went to a fashion event and I curled my hair with a curling iron.

I’d say my hair had been under moderate stress, yet it still looked great!!

I’m very happy with the serum.

Overall, I have to admit that I spend a lot of time trying to get my hair to look great. And it seems that with the Dove Nutri-Oil Serum, over long-term use, it is significantly easier to keep my hair manageable and looking healthy, smooth and shiny.

For price, portability, feel and appearance, it is very good.

And for $9.95 (RRP) a bottle, it is great value for money.

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Getting My High-Risk Romance On

26 March 2012

10 Roses for 10 Years of Marriage

On Friday my husband and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary!

10 years sounds like a very long time. But really, it felt like it flew by so quickly. Of course, in 10 years, it hasn’t always all been a smooth road for us. There have been a lot of blissful highs and shattering lows.

In ten years we have moved and renovated house three times (each time, we promised ourselves we’ll never do it again), had three children and a vasectomy (to make sure we don’t accidentally do it again), survived a life threatening illness (his) and a marriage threatening depression (mine).

There have been moments when we thought we would never make it.

But we have been lucky in so, so many ways. Our health, family, children, careers, life, finances… and each other. It’s been an amazing 10 years.

Anyway, to celebrate our anniversary… usually we find a posh restaurant and have a really nice, quiet, expensive and romantic meal together.

However, this year I wanted something a little more memorable and special.

I decided that I was going to surprise my husband!!

This was a big risk, because… he doesn’t like surprises.

In fact, it was a deal we made when we got married… no surprise parties. Ever. I exploited a loophole in our marriage contract by telling him it was a surprise. So he was expecting the unexpected – but of course, he still didn’t know exactly what it was. He seemed…okay(ish) with it.

But, when the moment came, I was terrified that it would all go wrong.

I told him we were going out for dinner, so we both got dressed up – suit and cocktail dress stuff. As we left the house, I insisted on driving. Every turn I took, he was trying to guess where we were going, based on our direction.

It was nerve-racking!

I drove him to a spot on Perth’s spectacular river foreshore, facing the gorgeous city skyline. It is where we usually to go for our evenings walks, and it was on a park bench here, during a conversation about ingrown toe nails and duck migration, that we somehow proposed to each other and decided to get married.

The spot was in a very popular area, and as the sun was setting beyond the river, there were lots of people jogging, cycling, walking their dogs. As we got out of the car, we looked very out of place in our fancy dinner attire (like a pair of peacocks at the beach)!!

My husband got very confused. He thought we were going to catch a river ferry to get to the restaurant? Or that the restaurant was on a ferry? Then he thought we were just going for a walk before dinner?

As we walked along the path by the river, people were gawking at us and I felt very conspicuous. We walked past a dog doing a poop on the grass, which seemed to be constipated, squeezing so hard his eyes were jiggling about.

I suddenly realised I had probably made a really, really bad decision. But there was no turning back now.

We walked on past Poop-Dog, my husband in silence, and then we came to something else very much out of place by the riverside.

A restaurant style, silver-service table setting for two, with table, chairs, a white table cloth, plates, glasses, silverware, candles, roses, place-mats, napkins, and my husband’s favorite food in a warmer under the table. I gestured to my husband to sit.

My husband was absolutely stunned. I could tell because he was doing a pretty bad job of trying to keep his huge smile down to just a cool smirk. He loved it.

Of course I had arranged everything weeks in advanced.

From the exact spot on the foreshore, to all the bits and pieces, to the food, to how we were going to keep to food hot, to his present, to the exact time of our arrival. I got my brother-in-law to deliver, set up, and to guard everything until we arrived. When he saw us coming, he had to run and hide behind a tree, like a crazy stalker dude. Thanks bro-in-law!!

I timed it so as we sat down to have dinner in the open air beside the river, we could watch the sun set over the city skyline.

I made sure we would see the lights in the city turn on, the twinkling stars appear on the dark pink sky, listen to the birds calming down for the night, while we enjoyed our meal and drinks in the candlelight. Hee hee, it was soooo romantic.

Ok. I’m boasting now, but I am so proud. I don’t think I’ve ever gone to so much effort to create a 1 hour experience for anyone before.

But hey, I’m crazy in love with this guy and I think I’d like to keep him. For life.



We never saw the Poop-Dog again.

After the sun fully set, we had to leave because the mosquitoes were eating us alive. We took a stroll beside the river. Then we drove to the city, had a drink in a noisy bar, before deciding we should just go home. We were in bed by 9.30 and asleep by 11.30, and the time difference was not because of reading a favourite book.

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Bamboo Body from Ciao Bella Travel

23 March 2012

I want to introduce to you a new line of clothes from Ciao Bella Travel, called Bamboo Body, which is all about versatile travel wear and casual everyday wear.

The clothes are made from bamboo viscose and organic cotton. They are super-soft, smooth, thick and strong, and environmentally friendly.

Ciao Bella are offering 15% off the ENTIRE SITE to all my readers, please see below for details.

Bamboo Body from Ciao Bella Travel

I had the pleasure of testing out a few pieces, and here are my favourites!

This Henley Tank Dress is fabulous as a casual, everyday dress with a very relaxed style. You just throw it on as is, or you can play with the ruching on the sides to make it shorter or longer.

I wore it 3 ways.

1) Worn long, with a slight side ruche. Nice and simple.

2) Worn with a belt. I pulled some fabric over the belt to make the dress even shorter.

Bamboo Body from Ciao Bella Travel

3) And I felt like such a clever chicken here! I gathered up one side to create a very high split. I wore a sparkly, black tank top and tied a knot on one side. I popped a crisp white jacket over the top. Slipped on some heels and VIOLA! A completely different kind of outfit for a smoking night out!!

Just a few sizing tips (if you’re small like me). I’m usually a size AUS 6, and this dress was labelled “Extra Small” which translates to a size AUS 8. So it was a tiny bit big on me. It would fit a size AUS or UK 8 (US 4) perfectly. Check out the sizing chart on the site!

The dress also comes in black, brown and nautical navy + white stripes! You can see the items here.

Bamboo Body from Ciao Bella Travel

Speaking of nautical stripes – I loved this Bamboo Body Swing Top. It’s so soft and comfy. I also tucked it into some colours jeans and threw a blazer over the top for a smarter look.

Again the size “Extra Small” would suit a size AU 8 better, but ah, that won’t stop me from wearing it!

Bamboo Body from Ciao Bella Travel

And lastly, this Scandi Dress is lovely and simple. I adore the bright colour, the flattering cut, and the ruched details. It’s a great summer dress and perfect for lounging around the pool too.

You can check out their whole range of Bamboo Body items here.

The kind team at Ciao Bella have given my readers a really special discount off EVERYTHING in their store. You can pick up some great yoga/travel wear from Abi and Joseph, dresses by Sacha Drake, super-handy travel cloth bags for intimate wear and more.

15% off everything on Ciao Bella Travel for all my readers!
Valid until 31 March 2012. Enter promo code KAREN CHENG in the promo code box at the check-out.

Happy shopping!

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Pwink and Bloo, I love you too.

22 March 2012

Pink and Blue

Last year I wrote about how I stumbled across my 3 year old son’s little box of pink things.

Well, recently he has extended his colour penchant to include blue.

But not just any blue. It has to be the correct hue of light blue!

And he keeps his new collection next to his pillow.

It is just *so cute*.

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Does My Ass Look Big?

21 March 2012

ASOS Floral Pants

About 5-6 weeks ago (yes it was ages ago!) I bought these AMAZING flower print pants from ASOS!

I am just so in love with the crazy, bold, colourful print! I’ve already worn them a few times, but it’s the first time I’ve shown them on my blog.

Haha they are an absolute eye-catcher. They seriously make people look at your legs and bum.

Which yes, as a result, I was asking my husband several times in the evening, DOES THIS MAKE MY ASS LOOK BIG? How about at this angle? Or this?

He assured me that while where was a lot of trippy, flower-action happening, no, my ass did not look bigger than normal. Phew.

50% off 50 Sale at ASOS

ASOS are having a fabulous 50% off Sale on 50 items – full of flowers, bright colours and happy patterns! There is a bright tangerine bowling bags for under $30, pastel knitted jumpers for $28, sequin dress for $40, and playsuits for $29!

Be quick the sale ends tomorrow evening!

Check out the ASOS Australia Sale

Check out the ASOS Asia Sale

Happy shopping!

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A birthday party with waterslides, soap and brains.

19 March 2012

On the weekend I threw a birthday party for my 7 year old son, Sean. We had 8 boys running around our yard for 3 hours – and would you believe, it was so relaxing for my husband and I.

While I understand the wisdom and sanity in going out for a bowling party, or a play centre party, or a movie party, or a water park party… I really do love a simple, home party, where kids can just be kids, running around in a backyard.

It’s seriously some romantic childhood notion of mine.

My mother used to organise these marvellous children’s parties for us in our backyard, and I remember them with so much fondness. So yes, part of it is recreating my childhood, and the other part is passing the happiness and memories over to my kids.

Sean's 7th Birthday 2012

We borrowed a bouncy castle (with a slide) from my friend. And we turned it into a water slide, with a paddle pool at the end. We added a bit of soap and oh my god, they boys played and played and played non-stop for 2 hours.

I also made about 100 water balloons and planned a few balloon games. (My fingers were rubbed raw and blistered up after tying up all the balloons!)

But in the end, I scrapped the games and let the boys have their own fun with the balloons – and they played a no-rules water balloon fight instead. You should have seen the look of *sheer joy of being a boy* all over their faces, priceless!

As for a birthday theme, Sean is obsessed with Plants vs Zombies (the computer game)… and for some reason unbeknownst to me, his friends call him The Brain. Or The Brainiac. So he requested for me to make a BRAIN CAKE. Out of ice cream.

After years of ducky cakes, soccer ball cakes, train cakes, Spiderman and Ben 10 cakes, I think I had reached the pinnacle of my cake making repertoire.

Sean's 7th Birthday 2012

I actually wanted to give it a more “blood and guts” feel to it. Maybe making the dome out of strawberry ice cream, swirled with strawberry jam and chopped up strawberries and jelly bits… to add some grossness! It would have looked awesome!!

Or maybe gone with mint and chocolate chip ice cream, to make it look a bit alien and weird?

But Sean said his favourite ice cream flavour was vanilla, and so it had to be vanilla.

Sean's 7th Birthday 2012I bought a tub of ice cream, pressed it all into a mixing bowl (that was covered with cling wrap), froze it overnight, then popped it out.

I coated it with melted chocolate, and piped more chocolate wiggly lines for effect.

I personally thought it was a bit too simple, but he loved it, and was quite proud of me :)

His words, with a smile: It looks perfect mum!

The wiggly bits were great as ice cream cone toppers too.

Needless to say, the Brain Cake was completely devoured.

The last thing we did, was also a request by Sean.

He wanted to let his friends make their own party bags.

So I set up a little Party Bag Making Station, lining up little bags of toys, chocolates, balloons, pens… with signs that said “1 toy, 3 chocolates, 1 pen, 3 balloons… etc” and I pretty much left it up to the kids to follow the instructions.

They were great. They all filled up their bag honestly and orderly.

Like I said earlier, my husband and I pretty much sat back and chit chatted the whole time. It was such a great day!

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Magical Family Time on the Stinkiest of Days

15 March 2012

Last weekend was one of those baking hot, 40°C West Australian weekends.

It’s what us locals like to call, a stinker.

It was also the 7th birthday of my second son, Sean.

S Pancake

We all woke up at a woeful 6am, and had a special breakfast for him.

Sean requested S-shaped pancakes for breakfast. Bless him.

We ate them with blueberries, ice cream and maple syrup.

River Beach

While most rational people stay inside, enjoy their air conditioning with a DVD and some fruit salad… our kids would get *fricking stir crazy* in the house… so we had to take them out.

So by 8am we packed up the car and drove to the river, where we found a gorgeous little spot for a swim. It was so quiet and we had the place to ourselves.

The water was incredibly warm and still. It was clean, calm and total bliss. And it was totally free.

My two big boys paddled out in the inflatable boat, with a bowl full of grapes and had a little picnic out in the middle of the water.

There were no fights, no bickering, no rude comments, no stupid squabbling, no bad behaviour, no annoying whinging…

It was just happy, happy, fun, fun, laughter, joy, squeals of delight, sand castle making, shell collecting, sea weed collecting, snacks, jolly games, cheerful chit chatting… for oh. my. god. 4 magical hours.

As a parent, trying to organise some quality family time, you can’t really ask for anything more.

I had a swim.

We wrestled with the crocodile and boat and we played pirate games.

I got sea weed tangled in my hair and I got stung on the leg by a jelly fish… but bah, it was totally worth it!!

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I Still Love Him To Bits

12 March 2012

My almost 3 year old has been soooooooo naughty these days.

Smashing things up. Pouring stuff on the floors. Shouting and screaming. Deliberately taking things without permission and making a mess everywhere!

His latest trick is to draw on walls.

Liam's Drawing on the Walls (2.5 years)

Oh man, when I saw this I yelled at him and took away all his pencils.

Because he ALSO drew on the table, chairs and cushions.

He KNOWS he’s only allowed to draw on paper.

At the back of my mind – while I was yelling – I was thinking… Wow that it is actually a pretty impressive drawing! He used 3 colours and made the lines go in different directions.

And to make it worse, it’s a picture of a flower, and if you look carefully there’s a picture of me drawn in yellow.

He was drawing a “beautiful flower for mummy”.



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Furs, Sequins and Fake Hair!

9 March 2012

The very kind team at YesStyle sent over a voucher for me to choose and review a few items.

Something like a “Karen Cheng’s Pick of YesStyle”… so here are some amazing goodies I found!

Yesstyle Fur Coat

Faux fur is definitely still in season, so I thought I’d update my collection with a white furry coat. I love it! It was soooo affordable and exactly the style I was looking for.

Unfortunately for me, my children heard me say “WHITE GOAT”. So every time I put this baby on, I hear never-ending giggles about my white goat.

View All Coats and Outerwear from YesStyle here.

Yesstyle Sequin Skirt

Secondly I chose this beeeeeautiful black sequined mini skirt.

I liked it because it’s not uniformly-straight sequins. It has a bit of sparkly knit mixed into it and the shadows and negative shapes look like flames or a weird animal skin. Also the sequins are a bit matte and look like leather sequins. It’s too cool.

(Update: Sorry this one is sold out now.)

View All Skirts here.

Yesstyle Bag

Next up, found some really cute handbag designs from a Korean brand called AJITO (view collection here).

With sooo many designs, I was bound to find something I liked. I put another order in for a MINT leatherette bag too.

Yesstyle Wigs

Now I have a few friends who are trying to convince me to buy a hair piece… and they’ve told me that YesStyle have a really great range.

I had a look and holy cow, there are lots of cool looking styles… but ah… wigs are not really my thing. Maybe for a crazy dress up party? Maybe a super-long curly wig? Maybe maybe.

Check out All Wigs and Hair Pieces at YesStyle.

By the way, they have a special shipping promotion for Australian customers!
Orders less than AU$75 = AU$4.99 Standard Shipping
Orders AU$75 – AU$149.99 = Free Standard Shipping
Orders AU$150 or more = Free Express Shipping

Have a fantastic weekend!

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The Low Down Hairy Gossip, Part 2

8 March 2012

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my advertising sponsors, Nuffnang and Dove set me on a hair challenge – to try out a new Dove product and to keep a hair diary.

The product is Dove Nutri-Oil Serum – a “weightless blend of oils (with coconut oil and sweet almond oil) that are rapidly absorbed to give instant smoothness and shine”.

My plan was to start on a clean slate and give my hair a clarifying treatment.

Then I was going to use my normal routine of shampoo and conditioner, and use the Dove Nutri-Oil Serum as my only hair oil/serum/de-frizz/rejuvenating product for 4 weeks.

Clarifying Treatment – A Clean Start!

Over the years, I have learned that shampoos, conditioners, mousse, hair sprays, creams and gels all leave stuff in your hair. And after a while, it builds up and makes your hair heavy, lifeless, dull, coarse, and yuck. To get rid of all that build-up, you can use a clarifying shampoo – which is a bit harsh, so you should only do it once a fortnight.

I actually use bicarb soda which is nice and cheap – and it works wonders!

I have a jar of it next to my shower.

Step 1) I pour some of my NORMAL shampoo in my hand, add 2 tablespoons of bicarb soda, and work it around with both palms to get it lathery.

(If you have a sensitive scalp, it’s best not to use too much bicarb soda.)

Step 2) I shampoo my hair and wash it out as normal. The result is squeaky-clean hair, but it feels like hard, rough, unmanageable seaweed!!

Step 3) I just condition as normal, and the result is clean hair with no build-up!

Now my hair is OK – but I’m not happy with “OK”, I’m looking for *GORGEOUS*.

Add Nourishing Oil!

An occasional clarifying treatment is necessary to remove the product build-up, but it strips the oils from my hair and leaves my hair rough and straw-like.

So I *really* have to add some nourishing oil or some kind of repair serum to give my hair that extra boost of moisture, smoothness and shine. I do this after every wash.

This is where I try out the Dove Nutri-Oil Serum. I’ve only been using it for 1 week so far.

This is how I apply it.

1) After shampooing and conditioning, I towel dry my hair.

The Low Down Hairy Gossip, Part 2
The Dove Nutri-Oil Serum retails for $9.95 for a bottle of 40mL.

2) I use 4-5 pumps, because my hair is very long.

3) I rub it between both hands and warm it up a bit.

4) I divide my hair into two parts – left and right of my head – and run my fingers through my hair. I start from halfway down the length of my hair, staying away from the roots, and making sure that the ends get a good rub.

5) I blow dry my hair. Give it a quick swipe with my hair straightener.

6) And lastly I use one more pump of oil and give my ends a gentle rub, to really make it shine!

The serum smells very nice. It keeps the frizziness at bay. It feels light. It doesn’t feel greasy or gluggy.

The result has been LOVELY!

What can I say? I would definitely recommend it – especially as an affordable option for smooth, shiny everyday hair.

The Low Down Hairy Gossip, Part 2

Also as part of my hair challenge, Dove is giving away 10 bottles of Dove Nutri-Oil Serum to my readers! Do you want to try a bottle for free?

Just email me at
1) Your full name
2) Your email address
3) In a few sentences or less, describe your hair (type, colour, style) as creatively as you can.

This giveaway is a game of skill and I will choose the 10 most creative answers. Only open to my Australian readers, over 14 years. Sorry everyone else!

Please read the full terms and conditions!

Giveaway ends on 5:00 pm AEDST on 16 March, 2012

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11am Brunch

7 March 2012


I love eating figs. Usually I toss them with a bit of balsamic vinegar + olive oil + pine nuts.

But today I’m eating them with salad and a creamy french dressing.

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Online Store:

6 March 2012

I’m very excited to introduce my readers to an online shop called, FashionValet.

Perhaps many of my readers will have already heard of this store, but for those who haven’t… FashionValet is a very popular online shop based in Malaysia, offering a MASSIVE collection of ready-to-wear local designer clothes.

They have 60+ labels, about 80% of them are Malaysian designers and labels (Radzuan Radziwill, Tom Abang Saufi, Gallo, Azorias, Jas C, PU3 to name a few) and the rest are brands from the Asian region.

What hooked me in about this site… is that they celebrate their local designers, making fashion accessible to a wide range of tastes… and there is a strong “local fashion flavour” that is quite exciting for me to experiment and style with.


I’m wearing a ready-to-wear kaftan by Radzuan Radziwill, one of the most established designers in Malaysia, honoured and awarded for his contributions towards fashion in Malaysia.

Kaftans are very popular in Malaysia, and there’s a strong trend for young women to wear kaftans to glamorous events and weddings.

As you can see from Radziwill’s very large collection, kaftans come in lots of bright colours and lovely, long, flowing drapes!

I’ve always wanted a dressy kaftan, so I chose a leopard print sheer kaftan and wore my own black slip underneath. It is a one size fits all, so I pinned it along the bottom and pinned it at the back, so it hugs my figure a little. I will definitely take it to my tailor.

It is just gorgeous!! I feel very floaty and elegant.


This is a long tunic top by label TAS Iman by Tom Abang Saufi, another prominent Malaysian label.

I loved the drape of this top, the colours, and the combination of chiffon and jersey. Plus I really like it that I haven’t seen anything like this before – very unique!

I styled the top in two ways – worn long with leather leggings and tucked into leather shorts. I could also wrap a belt over it, or just wear it as a mini dress.


Lastly this top is a sheer blouse with embellished details at the collar. Sheer blouses are hot at the moment, and this one is pretty much perfect – including a pretty collar detail and 3/4 sleeves.

It is by a Malaysian ready-to-wear label called, Jas C, who has a really nice collection of affordable, on-trend fashion (check out the maroon pussybow playsuit!)

Again I styled it in two ways. Worn over a bra and with a sequin gold skirt. And worn with a singlet camisole and camel pants.

It’s a pretty big site, so if you’re not sure where to start, try the What’s New section.

Or try some browsing some of these brands:
Quirky Brown Cow

These are their shipping details:
Malaysia – Free for all orders
Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia – RM30 (US$10) flat rate. If the order is above RM 500 (US$165) then shipping is free.
Australia – RM 50 (AU$15) flat rate for all orders.

*Special Worldwide Discount for Karen Cheng Readers!!*
20% off EVERYTHING, including sale items.
Coupon Code: TEHTARIK
Last day to redeem is 12th of March.

Collect Loyalty Points
Oh and I’ve been told there’s a special Loyalty Programme where you can collect points when you shop and those points can be redeemed into cash for your future orders. Head on over to check it out!

Happy shopping!!

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She Died

5 March 2012

I think of my blog as a happy little island – in amongst the trouble and noise of the world. My blog is made up of (mostly) the good things that happen in my life. Yummy food, clothes, cute moments with my kids, inspirational moments. I really try to avoid negative issues in my writing.

But some things can’t be avoided.

Two and a half years ago, I wrote about a 4 year old Singaporean girl named Charmaine, who was suffering from a rare cancer. Her mother was raising money to have extremely expensive treatment in a New York hospital. Tens of thousands of strangers each gave a little, in their own way, to give Charmaine a shot at surviving.

Well, after two and a half years, the treatment options had run out, and cancer overtook little Charmaine. She died in October last year, but it has taken me till now to summon up the courage to mention it here.

She died. I hoped like crazy that she wouldn’t, but she did. I never knew Charmaine or her mother Cynthia, but her story was special to me because I have been in a similar situation.

If you have been reading my website for a long time, you might know, cancer is a topic especially close to me…my husband has nearly died twice, most recently in 2004, when our first child was only a year old.

We have been so lucky that he survived both times.

But it is still an almost daily fear of mine, of what might come back. I am reminded so frequently because a friend of mine, who has children the same age as mine, has breast cancer, and struggles everyday with the treatment and the uncertainty.

What makes Cynthia and Charmaine’s story so important to me is that it forces me – again – to realise how sad, scared and helpless I am.

It is so, so wrong when cancer takes someone so young, and in such an awful way.

Cynthia has kept a blog of her struggle to keep Charmaine in this world, through the whole of the illness. And she still writes this blog now.

I am in awe-filled respect of this woman, who has opened her heart so honestly, in a way I have not been able to.

She has told the whole story, from the shock of the diagnosis, to the hopeful fund-raising for the treatment, the endless, invasive treatments. Charmaine grows from 4 to 6 years old while all this is happening, her whole world shaped by her illness. Cynthia shares her fears, triumphs, and even confesses to praying, in the end days, that her own daughter will die to end the suffering.

If you want to realise how insignificant your own troubles are, if you think you have had a shitty day at work, or you just can’t stand your kids’ bad behaviour anymore, then I invite you to read this post, a few days before Charmaine dies. But I warn you, you will need to have a big box of tissues nearby.

Since Charmaine has died, Cynthia has continued to write about her feelings, of loss, anger, and then depression, and her attempt to make sense of what has happened.

In 2009, I met Lance Armstrong, the cycling champion who has had cancer, survived, and raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer research.

I was inspired by him. He survived, and he has communicated to a lot of people about fighting cancer.

And I am inspired by Cynthia too. She too has communicated the experience of cancer in her own, powerful way.

Now I’m hoping to find my own way to communicate about it.

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Choker and Clutch

3 March 2012

Choker from my-wardrobe

I got to choose a few statement accessories from to style and wear out, but alas, they had to be returned.

This choker is just gorgeous! It looks and feels amazing to wear, and it definitely adds a sexy-tough edge to any outfit. I wanted to wear it with a blazer and pants, a maxi corset dress, a mini bodycon dress and more!

Choker from my-wardrobe

Gold and Silver Likanis Choker By Malene Birger.

If you check out the product page,  it’s been styled in some really nice outfits – worn with white + palazzo pants, a drape dress, crop pants +  cardigan, a blazer, and a jumpsuit.

Clutch from my-wardrobe

This Natural Marano Sea Snake Clutch by Anya Hindmarch is just beautiful. It oozes timeless glamour and luxury. I was just gazing at it all night… because it was so pretty and because I didn’t want anyone to steal it!

Clutch from my-wardrobe

I also wore this V-Knot Amber Ring by Wanderlust and Co.

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