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The Low Down Hairy Gossip, Part 1

29 February 2012

Karen's Hair Portrait

On behalf of Dove, Nuffnang (my advertising sponsors) have asked me to write about my hair… AS IT IS RIGHT NOW.

Later on, I’ll also be testing out some Dove hair products and keeping a kind of hair diary. So for those who like a low down on hair, do look out for my future posts about this.

My Hair Lifestyle

I am pretty lucky with my hair. It is naturally thick, strong, and healthy. In fact, my hair is so thick that many hairdressers complain that I make their scissors blunt.

My hair also tends to be on the oily side.

And I love having very long hair!

So long, thick hair PLUS OIL = a maintenance headache.

I do lots of gardening. I play with my toddler in sandpits. I go swimming once or twice a week (beach and pool). I hit the gym. I cycle a few times a week, making for several hours of my head being in a sweaty helmet.

Basically, my hair is a filter cleaner for environmental pollution. It collects dirt better than an expensive vacuum cleaner. A blue whale in an algae bloom.

It gets dirty and gross very quickly.

I live in a bit of a cycle. The after I wash my hair, I like to wear it down, so I can feel it rolling sensually over my skin as I move. But by the end of day three, it is so oily, heavy and icky, that I am so ashamed of it, I wear it wrapped up in a bun so no one can see it.


I wash my hair every 2-3 days, in the evenings. I towel-dry, then blow-dry my hair.

I use 3 different brands of shampoos and conditioners (which are pretty good brands, costing me somewhere between $25-$40 per bottle). I use them on a rotation of 2 weeks, because of the product build-up.

I use quite a few hair care products, which I use sparingly – strengthening serums, hair oils, heat protection creams. These products are from the more expensive salon brands, as I like to buy the good stuff (and I do receive a lot of salon samples).


I don’t use any gels, mousse, or hair spray.

I don’t brush my hair. I use a wide-tooth comb.

I’ve never permed or chemically straightened my hair.

I straighten my hair with a straightening iron once a week, and maybe curl it once a month.

Because my hair is long and straight, I can get away without having it cut so often. I have one every 6-8 months. Right now, I haven’t coloured or cut my hair in 6 months. I haven’t had a hair treatment in ages! My ends are splitting, wispy and dry.

I was due to have a hair cut last month. But with Christmas, New Year and the school holidays… I just couldn’t find any time.

And at the moment, I’m trying to grow my hair longer. Hence my reluctance to go to a hair dresser.

Not to mention, I am lazy.


I am feeling pretty bleh about my hair.

Basically, I think my hair is in pretty good condition. But It could be much, much better though!

I probably do need to give it a bit more loving.

I don’t believe there is *one miracle hair product* that can make your hair look like magic. I think it’s a combination of good health, good habits, good maintenance, good products and a bloody good hair stylist!

But in saying that, there are some fabulous products out there, and unfortunately you have to do a bit of trail and error, to find the ones that suit you and your lifestyle.

So, in my never-ending quest to keep my long, thick, and black hair in good shape, I’m quite interested to test out the new Dove product (Dove Nutri-Oil Serum, “a weightless blend of oils that are rapidly absorbed to give instant smoothness and shine”), which claims to be just like Moroccan Oil, without the high price tag.

We shall see!