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Thomas the Effing Tank Engine

13 February 2012

Liam loves watching Thomas the Tank Engine on TV.

And if you’re not familiar with the children’s TV show… Thomas is a train who hangs with a bunch of his train friends, and there’s a big dude who looks after them all, called “The Fat Controller”.

He’s the station master, or manager, or something like that.

Liam, unfortunately, is terrified of The Fat Controller.

And when Liam is terrified, he often gets his tongue tied. He mispronounces things.

So whenever Thomas the Tank Engine is on TV… I guarantee that 5 minutes into the show, Liam will run out of the TV room, screaming – “TURN THE FUKINGTROLLER OFF!!

It used to be funny, but not anymore.

Now, I don’t bat an eye. I don’t chuckle. I just comply.

And hope that my mother is never around when he watches Thomas the Tank Engine.