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Spencer Village, Thornlie, WA

30 January 2012

Whenever I miss the hawker style food I love from my days in  Singapore or Malaysia, I always text my Dad and tempt him with one simple word – “Laksa?”

My family has been going to Spencer Village, in Thornlie, for years! It’s a long way from the city (nestled deep in the southern suburbs), but it’s still one of the best places in Perth to get my fix of favourite dishes.

Spencer Village, Thornlie, WA

I do believe it is the most Hawker-Food-Centerish food court in Perth. It is always packed full of Asian faces, and it has that “it’s all about the food, not the presentation” style of cuisine. It’s fast, simple, and great value!

Spencer Village, Thornlie, WA

This is my ABSOLUTE favourite. Coconut laksa with prawns, fish cake, chicken, tofu, mixed noodles, and a big wedge of lemon (I would actually prefer it with lime though).

Spencer Village, Thornlie, WA

This is my children’s favourite, Char Kway Teow. Flat rice noodles fried in a dark soy sauce, with fish cakes, chicken, prawns, bean sprouts and vegetables.

Personally, it’s a bit too healthy for me. I like mine with cockles and deep fried lard, the way I have had it in Singapore. (But I do prefer them to eat healthier!)

Spencer Village, Thornlie, WA

My husband tried something different today. Singaporean Indian style Briyani – which was fricking yum!

Spencer Village, Thornlie, WA

And a large jug of sweetened soy bean milk, to wash everything down.

*Full tummy happiness*

Spencer Village Food Court

200 Spencer Rd
Thornlie, WA 6108

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