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Pia Gladys Perey Hits My Sweet Spot

4 January 2012

A few weeks ago, I was asked to test out a Pia Gladys Perey dress from Gosh Celebrity Fashion. I didn’t know anything about the emerging Australia designer, yet I oohed and ahhed and then chose a short, navy drape dress, called Bea (size 6).

Pia Gladys Perey from Gosh

It arrived in the mail and OMG it felt AMAZING to wear.

The fabric is soft and slinky, yet strong, stretchy and heavy. It feels like a high quality garment. It’s so comfortable and easy to wear and move in. It falls, scrunches and drapes in all the right places. Quick you must go out and buy one now!
You won’t regret it!

In fact, I’d say that it rates as one of the Top 10 dresses I own!

Pia Gladys Perey from Gosh

I suspect for most people, if you’re going to a fancy end-of-year ball, or a special gala function, or an important awards night, or you’re maid of honour at a girl friend’s wedding… you’d probably go out and buy a $200 – $300 dress? If you’re lucky you might get a nice one for $150. Quite normal right?

Well I can not believe how well priced these dresses are.

I am a big fan of slinky jersey type dresses. And believe me, I have tested out lots of them! From over $500 jersey dresses and $30 jersey dresses… there is probably a time a place for each of them.

But to hit that sweet spot in the middle ground (of price for quality), this collection of slinky jersey dresses have done very, very well.

Pia Gladys Perey from Gosh

You can get different floor length gowns, and elegant short dresses. Each style comes in lots of different colours. They also look gorgeous as bridesmaids dresses!

Pia’s dresses are stocked online at Gosh Celebrity Fashion, currently there are about 43 styles you can buy.

Gosh has offered all Karen Cheng readers a 15% discount on full priced Pia Gladys Perey dresses. Just use the code ‘karencheng’ at checkout. Valid untill 30th January 2012.

Free delivery for Australia. And they have worldwide shipping.

They are also stocked in USA, Singapore, Philippines and Dubai, but you’ll have to contact the PGP team from their website.

(Oh and apparently Angelina Jolie wears Pia’s dresses.)

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