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More bricks than you could lose under your couch

6 December 2011

My children are 8, 6, and 2 years old… and they are obsessed with Lego.

Considering that they have the potential to be equally obsessed with computer games, I will go out of my way to encourage their passion for Lego. As a result we have a lot of it at home.

But not this much!

Lego Exhibition 2011

During the school holidays, I brought all three of my kids to the Art Gallery of WA, to participate in a Children’s Lego Exhibition / Activity.

I think the activity was about inspiring children to think about Baroque Architecture.

So the people at the gallery printed out photos of buildings, historically famous for their Baroque architectural characteristics and gave the kids buckets of white lego to play with or “interpret”.

Lego Exhibition 2011

My boys were so feverishly excited, they ran like mindless maniacs towards the tables laden with lego. They took one look at all the other kids and their “Baroque-like” architecture and went pffft, we just want to do our own thing.

I stood behind a fence and had to refrain myself from shouting over instructions – Try some columns! What about some arched windows!

10 minutes later they produced these.

Lego Exhibition 2011

I had to stifle a smile.

I wouldn’t say they reflected any elements of Italian architecture of the late 16th Century. Instead I asked my boys for a little critique or “artistic expose” of their creations.

1) A pyramid.

2) A jail.

My kids are so awesome.

Just look how happy and proud they are!