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A Trip to the Country

29 December 2011

This year we went to spend Christmas with my husband’s family. 

They live out in the country so we don’t get to see them often. They are an absolute pleasure to be with, so welcoming and so gracious of our noisy, hyper children.

Christmas holiday road trip!

The trip takes about 8 hours in the car. And it is a long, hot journey on the straight, flat West Australian road.

This Christmas, our in laws have decided to sell the family home of 35 years and move down to the city.

There is definitely a strong sense of sadness, finality and mixed feelings in the air. But I guess for me, it’s given me an opportunity to contemplate life, family, hardships, love, promises… and the all the goodness and blessings in my life.

A simple Christmas Eve spread with my in laws.

Christmas this year was a very, very simple and meaningful affair. We didn’t have a stylish tree, or a mountain of presents, or an indulgent dinner, nor copious amounts of sugary treats and alcohol. 

I discovered that small country towns have very limited grocery supplies! But I still managed to whip up a lovely Christmas Eve dinner for everyone.

There was a moment in my preparations when I got quite upset because I didn’t have RED Christmas napkins for the table setting. But I quickly learned how to just LET IT GO.

Pretty Christmas rings!

My boys bought me several ring stacks (I drew pictures for them and I was impressed that they found the right ones!).

They also got me an inflatable kayak, but we had to leave that back at home as it wouldn’t fit in the boot of the car.

Enjoying a contemplative sunset jog along a quiet country road.

I’ve been going out for contemplative sunset jogs every evening. 

I absolutely love the quiet and the stillness of country roads. I will miss this.

Hello beautiful. Another sunset jog along a country road.

And look who I bumped into during my run.

A beautiful friendly horse, trotted over to me to say hello. Stumbling across animals in the wild is always so cool. (Ok so the horse wasn’t exactly wild, but I did see lots of lizards, rabbits, foxes and thankfully no snakes!)

But most of all, I will miss the star gazing.

The night skies of the country with its glittering blanket of diamonds is the most breathtaking and  romantic sights I’ve ever seen. I will definitely miss this.

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Exclusive Giveaway: WIN $1000 to spend at my-wardrobe!!!

27 December 2011


That’s right! I’m running another AMAZING EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY!!!

This time, I’ve been collaborating with – a fabulous online boutique offering everyday luxury items from designers such as Acne, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Marc by Marc Jacobs, D&G, J Brand, Michael Michael Kors, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, Mulberry, By Malene Birger, and McQ Alexander McQueen.

We are giving away a voucher worth AUD$1000 to one of my readers to spend at my-wardrobe.

It is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some designer items that you’ve always wanted!

All you have to do is to fill out the form below and tell me TWO items from my-wardrobe that you would love to spend your $1000 on.

Who Can Enter:
It’s open to all readers worldwide, over 18 years.

What You Win:
The winner will receive a my-wardrobe gift voucher to the value of AUD$1000.

Giveaway Ends:
Closes on 9 January 2012, 12pm (GMT +8).

How to Enter:
1) Visit the site.
2) Browse around for a bit. Choose TWO of your favourite items.
3) Cut and paste the URL of the TWO items into the form below.
4) Make sure you enter your name and email address, and hit the submit button. And that’s it!

The winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email. If the selected winner doesn’t respond in 24 hours, then I will have to redraw. I will announce the winner as soon as possible on my blog and my Facebook Page (please pop over and LIKE my page, if you haven’t already).

I will also be posting a reminder on my blog and Facebook Page, before the end of the giveaway. If you are on Twitter, you can follow the my-wardrobe Twitter to keep up to date with news, sales and special offers.

All entrants will automatically be subscribed to my email newsletter and newsletter.

This giveaway is now closed.

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Sunsets To Live For

26 December 2011

Clouds at Sunset
Walking hand in hand with my family, under a spectacular setting sun.

Thinking about happiness, love, laughter, good times and being blessed.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas shared with loved ones!!


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PeepToe Shoes Boxing Day Sale!

25 December 2011

Peeptoe Shoes Sale

Just a quick post, since I received such a great response the last time.

If you’re a big PeepToe Shoes fan like me, you’ll love their special Boxing Day Sale.

They have a selection of shoes going for 40% – 60% off.

And there is 20% off full priced products (only from 26 – 30 December).

It’s a great opportunity to grab some classic styles at a fabulous discount!

Above I’m wearing the Miss Muse in Coral.

Here are a few others that I’m lusting after!

Peeptoe Shoes Sale

Peeptoe Shoes Sale

Happy Shopping!


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24 December 2011

7am - Cycle By the River

Every second day or so, I wake up early to go for a cycle.

I’m trying to improve my fitness… and it seems to be working.

I ride my same route in less time. And I hurt less after each ride!

Today I realised that the best part of my ride is the view.

The river is beautiful at that time of day.

God I love summer mornings.

During my ride – deep down – I think I’m a terrible cyclist because I’m always looking around.

I TOTALLY have no focus!

I notice the texture of the grass, the way the light hits the leaves, the shape of the gum nuts in the trees, whether the trees have flowered and what species they are, the birds darting across on my left, the number plate of the van that drove past…

It’s visual white noise.

But I love it :)

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Attack of the Wonky Mushrooms

22 December 2011

Attack of the Wonky Mushrooms

This is very embarrassing.

A few days ago, I discovered that my third child can draw people!

He draws a circle head, two big eyes, two pupils, and two legs sprouting from each head.

Apparently my two older children taught him.


And the kids were all – Yeah yeah, that was so last week mum.


No wonder it’s a stereotype that the last child tends to “get away with everything”. The parents don’t seem to notice what they do! Haha! Oops.

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Electric Blues and Shopping News

20 December 2011

I wanted to share a few bluey outfits that I’ve been wearing recently and match them up to a few sales happening around the internet.

Electric Blues and Shopping News

ASOS just started their mega sale at the moment – up to 50% off items! Click here for ASOS Australia, ASOS Asia and ASOS Rest of the World.

Isn’t this dress so PRETTY?! Glittery, glamorous, short, simple but high impact! I love the two tone blue zigzag. It’s a great skirt length for me too.

Speaking about skirt lengths. Here’s a funny story.

After my post last week, where I featured 6 dresses from Birdsnest Online, I received several comments/emails from my readers, along the lines of – “Dear Karen, you look great in the dresses, but I wonder what they would look like on NORMAL SHORT PEOPLE LIKE ME??”

It’s hilarious, because I am reeeeeeally short! I’m 160cm tall. That’s 5’2”. I can buy clothes from the KIDS section. I’m so short that when I stand next to some of my friends, I am looking at their belly buttons.

Maybe I just look tall in my photos? Maybe the way I angle my camera makes me look taller on screen?

I do cheat a little, because I tend to sew up the hems of my skirts, dresses, pants and jeans, so they fit my height and look better on me.

But with this sparkly ASOS dress, I didn’t do any sewing. Nor would I even attempt it, given all the sequins.

The blue suede heels are also from ASOS.

Electric Blues and Shopping News

I’m so in love with this top. It’s a gradient knit top from YesStyle, which is just so deliciously slouchy and easy to wear.

The tank by Rick Owens, shorts from Zara, shoes from Ecco, bag from FashionJunkee.

YesStyle is having a beauty sale, with up to 40% off items. You can pick up items from SK-II, Shu Uemura, Shiseido, and more (I think these brands are 15% off though). Also there are heaps of other fashion items that are up to 60% off.

Electric Blues and Shopping News

Frockaholics a having a sale which includes up to 40% off summer styles, including Josh Goot, Dion Lee, Manning Cartell, Ginger and Smart, Life with Bird, Antipodium, Camilla and Marc, Bec & Bridge and many more.

Here I’m wearing a very cool Rachel Gilbert skirt (from Frockaholics), tee by Country Road, blazer by Dodo, booties by Tony Bianco, sunnies by Rayban.

Happy Shopping!

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With Fruit Juice Dripping Down Our Arms

19 December 2011

On the weekend, we went to visit some friends who own a fruit orchard.

We spent the day taking a tour of the orchard, picking fruit, eating fruit, working the cherry-picker, riding on quad bikes, and of course, having a cup of tea and some tim-tams back at the farm house.

Fruit Orchard 2011

There’s something utterly beautiful about walking through a field of fruit trees, listening to the farmer talk about his fruit, the soil, the weather, the colour of the leaves.

It was almost like listening to spiritual enlightenment – you know, stuff you need to know at a very fundamental and basic level. Vital! Critical! Information for the survival of the human race!

Ah, the smell of the earth, the smell of the leaves, the fruit, the dampness of the air, the richness of life – everywhere – it was dizzying. Happiness inducing dizziness. My husband and I were walking hand in hand with the biggest smiles on our faces. Glowing.

Fruit Orchard 2011

The trees were overburdened with amazing looking fruit. These are nectarines. My eyes were bugging out of my head. I so wish I had the knowledge and skill to produce fruit like this.

Fruit Orchard 2011

It’s kind of funny how, even as a gardener myself, after years of shopping at supermarkets, I’ve gotten completely disconnected to where and how fruits are produced.

Basically I was rather excited by the fact that… I could just LOOK at a fruit, reach out, pluck it with a quick twist, sink my teeth into its juicy flesh and OH MY GOD experience the juiciness and sweetness that was made from this tree! I am eating part of this earth!


Fruit Orchard 2011

We plucked fruit from our allocated trees and filled 3 of these crates.

We split up the harvest between several families and I came home with a huge tray of mixed fruit.

Fruit Orchard 2011

We all sat under the fruit trees in the warm heat of the sweet, summer afternoon. We ate nectarines, apricots and pears, until our bellies were full.

My husband, my three children and I… we had a fantastic time and we were indeed glowing.

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Hatch Shop – WA Designer Boutique Launch

18 December 2011

Hatch Boutique - WA Designer Launch

The other day I was invited to an exclusive launch of Hatch Shop, a new WA designer boutique supporting emerging and established WA designers. Located right in the middle of the city, at Carillion City (Hay Street end) it is fabulously central and accessible.

The space is large, inviting and crammed full of fantastic local designer goodies at mid-ranged prices.

I was itching to get a good browse through the store, but because it was a launch I wasn’t really in shopping mode. So I’ll definitely be back in the new year.

You can find designers such as Empire Rose, One Fell Swoop, The Butcher & The Crow, Little Gracie, Daniella Caputi, Zhivago, On Tour, Tindale, Zanthus, Ange Lang, Steph Audino, Martini + Coz, Alistair Yiap, Bernice Sara, Bhalo, Generics, Sewellery, Lavish Accessories, Cinderocker and Days of Yore.

Hatch Boutique - WA Designer Launch

I spotted a gorgeous jacket by Daniella Caputi, pretty dresses by Little Gracie, some cute swimwear pieces by Bernice Sara, and some beautiful silk tops by The Butcher and the Crow.

Also there were lustable items (that you must check out!) by Zhivago and One Fell Swoop.

Hatch Boutique - WA Designer Launch

Left photo: Hanging on a mannequin is jewellery by Sewellery, brand new WA label featuring an array of cool metal skulls.

Right photo: On-trend leather bags and accessories by Generics.

Hatch Boutique - WA Designer Launch

This is what I wore to the event, captured by my newly acquired iphone in the dressing rooms.

Top by Topshop, jeans by J Brand, shoes by GlamRockChic, bag by Shoulderit.

Find out more info at the Hatch Shop Facebook page.

Shop 55 Carillion City, Hay St Level,
Perth, Australia 6000

Phone 08 9226 0209

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My week in pictures (so far)

15 December 2011

Instagram Dec 2011

I made a new batch of play dough for Liam and he ate it.

School holidays have begun. 6 weeks of fun! God help me.

Instagram Dec 2011

Shopping trips and kiddy parties are tiring.

Dessert: Chopped, chocolate peanuts melted inside hot, crispy croissants.

Instagram Dec 2011

I went to a Christmas party and went home with the crazy Christmas Hat! Woot! (Photo taken by Lisa!)

I’ve been cycling a lot. Trying to improve my speed, distance and overall fitness.

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Birdsnest Online – Dresses Dresses Dresses!!

13 December 2011

The team at Birdsnest Online Store have been very busy this season! With a site FULL of gorgeous clothes for real women, they have been selling literally thousands of dresses (and other things) to a lot of very happy customers.

You can seriously get lost in online shopping heaven on this site :)

They recently launched their Summer Catalogue, with lots of inspiration to browse through. And for those who are keen for a bit of styling help, the team has put together a beautiful Style Guide that you can personalise to suit your body type and personal style.

Well they let me go crazy on the site, and I picked my favourite dresses to have a play. Behold!

Clothes from Birdsnest Online

This is the Zulu Dance dress by Ladakh, which includes the skinny pink belt. I picked it because I loved the pattern (with specks of lime), and it looked really versatile for work, and for dressing up or down.

It felt lovely to wear, it fit perfectly, hung nicely, not too tight, very comfortable to move in. I could spend all day in it, and just change my jacket. I really liked this one.

I’m also wearing a white blazer from YesStyle and blue suede heels from ASOS.

Clothes from Birdsnest Online

This stunning dress is called Moroccan Heatwave by Seduce. I LOVE the aqua colour – so vibrant and bright! I really like the layers and the asymmetric hem, making it short at the front and long at the back. And the sweetheart neckline is gorgeous too.

I’ve worn it with a pink belt from Dotti and purple suede shoes from Betts.

Clothes from Birdsnest Online

This dress is coincidently also called the Moroccan High Low Dress, by Living Doll. I felt like such a Grecian goddess! Again it has the asymmetric hem that I like. It is made up of a short slip (opaque) and the outer slip, which is sheer and floaty.

I’m wearing necklace and belt by ASOS and gold and orange shoes by GlamRockChic.

Clothes from Birdsnest Online

Polka Dots! I wasn’t sure about this dress when I saw it and chose it on the site, but after wearing it, it felt like such a great, simple, little dress.

Perfect for AM to PM wear, or just worn casually as a summer daytime dress. Good for short people too, like me. It’s called the Try Your Luck Dress by MinkPink.

Clutch from ALDO, belt (gift), red suede shoes from Betts.

Clothes from Birdsnest Online

Ooh this is the cutest summery dress ever! It only cost $49 too. Pretty print, beautiful colours, easy to wear, comfy and stretchy – I love it! It’s called the Rivers of Babylon Dress by MinkPink.

Would also love a maxi dress version of it too.

Hat from Sportsgirl, belt from LOEF, gladiator sandals from Zu Shoes.

Clothes from Birdsnest Online

Rough Hearts Dress by Ladakh, in yellow! As you can tell, my curls fell out after several hours, but I love the beachy hair look! Very fitting for this dress. Simple, bright, cute, summery, light, comfortable and so sweet.

I don’t think I’ve ever worn an all-yellow dress before. I think it looks OK on me, I like it!

I’m holding a vintage envelope clutch and wearing tan strappy heels by Betts.

Right now you can head on over to the Birdsnest website and look at the Spring Clean Sale items (and search by size!).

But stay tuned for a Boxing Day sale too. You can sign up to their newsletter or Facebook page to be kept in the loop about sales and special promotion.


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Eating Great. Feeling Great.

12 December 2011

I have been on a bit of a health kick recently.

In addition to all my cycling, I’ve been trying to eat better in efforts to tone up my body.

One of the things I’m doing is cutting down on the amount of carbohydrates I eat. In particular, high carb foods with high gluten and low nutrition, like white rice, bread, noodles and pasta.

So instead of eating 1 serve of cooked white rice with my meal (like curry), I’ll only eat 1/3 of serve of rice and fill up on salad.

As a result, and not to mention my biggest surprise, was that my digestion has improved and I feel less bloated and “heavy”, and my whole body feels much “lighter” (in a digestion sense). I haven’t lost any actual weight, I’ve just been feeling great. I didn’t realise I had a problem with gluten, but it seems that my body is loving less of it.

The downside to eating less carbs, is that I’m freaking hungry all the time. Like crazy hungry.

So I eat a lot of snacks in between meals. And I mean a LOT! Roasted almonds, cashews, chickpeas, bananas, pears, dried fruit, broccoli (I like snacking on broccoli ok!), carrots, and dip – I LOVE dip! OMG I eat so much dip!

I still cook rice, bread and pasta for the rest of my family, I just make extra salad for myself.

I managed to take a few snaps of my meals, and these are the more presentable ones.

Eating Great. Feeling Great.

I call this my power breakfast.

One half-boiled egg smashed over a pile of steamed spinach, snowpea sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, lentil sprouts, and cherry tomatoes… with a drizzle of soy sauce.

Eating Great. Feeling Great.

If I’m at home, lunch would be something like this. Pan-fried or grilled chicken / fish / tofu with more veges.

Eating Great. Feeling Great.

The other night we had lamb chops, garlic bread and 2 kinds of salads (I make 2 salads, because my kids don’t like balsamic vinegar) and some roasted cauliflower (not pictured).

And every night for dessert, when the kids are in bed, I eat a bowl of chocolate ice cream :)

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Textures and Colours For The Weekend

11 December 2011

Textures - Outfit

An outfit for my girls night out – Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Marc Jacobs, GlamRockChic and House of Baulch.

Textures - Coat Rack
Some clothes hanging on my inspiration rack – snake skin print, metallic, leoprint, metallic jacquard, and houndshooth.

Textures - Carly Paiker
Triple Wrap Leather Cuff, in Dove Grey, by Carly Paiker’s new online shop.

Textures - Green Bag

My current favourite handbag from Shoulderit, in delicious teal leather.

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You’re ridiculously cute. But it’s still a NO.

9 December 2011

The Pink Table

Did I mention that my 2.5yo loves the colour pink?

Well he does.

I was in IKEA the other day, and look what he found.

A pink table.

And look at the pleading expression in his eyes.

“Please mum can we buy it? I really like it.”

It took me ages to negotiate my way out of it.

And in the end I had to drag him away, kicking and screaming.

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Rocking the Colour Blocking

8 December 2011

Colour Blocking - Karen and Lisa

Some weekends ago, one of my besties held a birthday dinner and drinks in Northbridge.

This is a photo of us – Lisa and I – rocking it on the streets, in our matching colour-blocking, waiting for the Mardi Gras Pride parade to start. The streets were blocked off, the crowds lined the pavement, there was such a incredible energy in the air.

Leading up to the night, I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to the evening of partying. I haven’t been out with my Girlfriends Without Children in the longest time.

When was the last time I went out drinking, clubbing, dancing, karaoke-ing and eating Asian supper at 2am? It’s been a while!

The theme for the night was COLOUR BLOCKING and here’s a bit of happy-snap goodness.

Colour Blocking - Karen and Lisa

Top Left: Shane Newton (designer for ZSADAR), me and Alister (designer for Malachi).

Top Right: Matt in head to toe Ralph Lauren, including yellow pants!!

Bottom Left: Alicia Sorgiovanni (designer for On Tour) and I in matching green.

Bottom Right: Lisa (designer for Generics) and I showing off our styling-prowess.

I had a great night out! I missed out on the dancing and karaoke, but hey I was in bed by 1am!

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More bricks than you could lose under your couch

6 December 2011

My children are 8, 6, and 2 years old… and they are obsessed with Lego.

Considering that they have the potential to be equally obsessed with computer games, I will go out of my way to encourage their passion for Lego. As a result we have a lot of it at home.

But not this much!

Lego Exhibition 2011

During the school holidays, I brought all three of my kids to the Art Gallery of WA, to participate in a Children’s Lego Exhibition / Activity.

I think the activity was about inspiring children to think about Baroque Architecture.

So the people at the gallery printed out photos of buildings, historically famous for their Baroque architectural characteristics and gave the kids buckets of white lego to play with or “interpret”.

Lego Exhibition 2011

My boys were so feverishly excited, they ran like mindless maniacs towards the tables laden with lego. They took one look at all the other kids and their “Baroque-like” architecture and went pffft, we just want to do our own thing.

I stood behind a fence and had to refrain myself from shouting over instructions – Try some columns! What about some arched windows!

10 minutes later they produced these.

Lego Exhibition 2011

I had to stifle a smile.

I wouldn’t say they reflected any elements of Italian architecture of the late 16th Century. Instead I asked my boys for a little critique or “artistic expose” of their creations.

1) A pyramid.

2) A jail.

My kids are so awesome.

Just look how happy and proud they are!

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Habbot Studios Summer + Exclusive Secret Sale!

5 December 2011

If you can remember some months back, I featured a shoe brand called Habbot Studios.

They are a shoe brand with French inspired details, fresh Australian style, and all their shoes are handmade in Italy, from fine Italian leathers. I currently own 2 pairs, and they are simply exquisite to wear! So soft and comfortable. The leather wraps around my feet like a gentle warm hug. The quality is totally worth the investment.

Well I have some exciting news!

Habbot Studios will be holding a 20% off Summer Sale in January, but they are offering ALL MY READERS first choice of the sale stock with a… 3 day 25% off SECRET SALE! Exclusive to my readers only!

This discount applies across the entire website (including the remaining pairs of already 50% reduced winter stock too!). More details below.

Ok lets have a look at their Spring Summer Collection (apparently all the styles have been named after a master French pastry chef). These are my picks.

Habbot Studios Spring Summer 2011

Made from soft Italian suede and glove leather… these peep-toe, sling backs, Torres, are the prettiest pair of the whole collection! I could prance around in them all day.

I love them in bright red. They look fabulous when paired with other bright colours of the season. Not to mention they looked perfect with my summery-glam outfit!

Habbot Studios Spring Summer 2011

This is proof that gladiator sandals don’t have to look fierce and nasty. This pair has a gorgeous soft and cool edge to them, but still has a bold and strong look. I love that it is slightly different!

They are called Lenotre, and also come in red, beige and tan.

Habbot Studios Spring Summer 2011

And I totally fell in love with these oxford styled shoes, called Careme. They look soooo sophisticated and minimal and understated and neat and smart. I would love to own one in every colour they come in!

I wore them for a few hours and being quality leather, they didn’t give my feet blisters, hurt my ankle, or feel stuffy or sweaty. They were amaaazing!

Don’t forget to check out the previous Winter Collection from the Sale Page.


SECRET SALE for Karen Cheng Readers

25% off everything for 3 days only from Habbot Studios.

Sale starts today, Monday 5th Dec – Thursday 8th Dec 2011 (finishing midnight 11:59pm AEST on the 8th).

This discount applies across the entire website (including the remaining pairs of already 50% reduced winter stock too!).

Please enter “discount code” at the checkout: karencheng25

Hope you grab yourself a bargain!


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New Phone!

4 December 2011

New Phone!

After years of being a Blackberry girl, my trusty phone broke and I decided to get a new toy.

I’m a total iphone newb, but I’m looking forward to taking more photos and getting hooked on cool apps!

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In The Blistering Heat

2 December 2011

When it’s stinking hot outside… these are a few things I can’t live without.

Fitflop Sandals

I love my Fitflops! Aren’t they so cute?

Apparently they give you a workout while you walk, but I’m just addicted to wearing them because they are so so soooo comfortable and they look gorgeous (so much nicer than standard flip flops, which make me feel like a beach bum/slob).

Cat eyes sunglasses

My cat-eye sunglasses by House of Harlow (that I bought recently from are currently my favourite sunnies this summer.

I love the look of the beige. Whenever I try on coloured sunnies (red/blue/purple) I feel like a 12 year old. So wearing beige is still a bit different, yet stylish.

White and Black fedora hat

I’ve had this hat for years. And I just keep wearing it every summer that comes around and it doesn’t seem to go out of style. I bought it from Sportsgirl for $20 and it’s just fantastic.

It gets extra points for the slightly wider brim too.

Black and White scarf

I know it’s a bit weird to wear scarves during summer, but I usually just wrap it loosely around my neck or my handbag.

The reason is because, I like to wear tank tops during summer, which leaves my shoulders and neck very bare, and exposed to the sun. So sometimes – most times, unexpectedly – I find myself standing in the full blast of the sun for a little too long than I would like, so I just grab my scarf and drape it around my shoulders for that *little bit* of extra protection from the sun.

I’m not one of those “organised people” who carry umbrellas in my handbags during summer!

My sister sent this over to me. It is deliciously soft and bought from one of her travels to… oh I don’t know, Spain, Bangladesh, Germany, France… some place on the other side of the world :)

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A Weekend of Mountain Biking

1 December 2011

Camping at Honeymoon Pool, Nov 2011

Last weekend we went camping in the Wellington National Park at a place called Honeymoon Pool, about 2 hours drive south of Perth.

We went with 3 other families, all with children aged from 2 to 12 years old. It might sound a bit full-on, but in my opinion, camping with other families is the only way to go.

We did a bit of hiking, bush walking, swimming and kayaking in the river, cycling and mountain biking. Most of the adults (and lots of kids) were cycling enthusiasts so I was in fine company to explore my new found passion for cycling.

Cycling Around Wellington National Park, Nov 2011
Me about to start my ride!

And yes I did stop to adjust my helmet strap after I saw the condition of the track.

Cycling Around Wellington National Park, Nov 2011
Holy shit look at that track!! It just went down hill from there. We were on top of a zigzag trail, that was etched onto the side of a big hill – which felt like a mountain to me!

I spent a glorious hour riding along bush trails, ducking under branches, swerving around pot holes, sliding along the loose gravel and dodging the massive craters in the ground!

It was really exciting and so much fun, but a huge part of me couldn’t get past the fact that it was SO FREAKING DANGEROUS!

Camping at Honeymoon Pool, Nov 2011
The forest was amazing.

It was a warm day, but the tall trees filtered out the sun and heat, casting a beautiful diffused light everywhere. I felt like I was walking through a fairytale.

Camping at Honeymoon Pool, Nov 2011
My 2 year old couldn’t do much riding. So my husband and I took turns to go mountain biking and normal cycling (with a child seat on the back of our bike) throughout the trip.

My other two kids (who are 8 and 6) absolutely loved it. Then again, anything with bikes and danger is a big win for them.

As for the actual camping, I really enjoy “roughing it out”. We had a family tent which was large enough for the five of us, but next time we might put the two bigger children in a separate tent, just to give us (and them) a bit extra sleeping room.

Oh and I love the traditions of camping – waking up at dawn, having a cup of hot tea and watching the sun rise, cooking baked beans and bacon over a fire for breakfast… all that good stuff.

I know I say this all the time, but it was the best weekend break in a loooong time!