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The Lady is a Vamp, a Diva and a Lifesaver

25 October 2011

I love the idea behind GlamRockChic – shoes for the women who want statement, designer heels, made from quality materials, that are comfortable, and most importantly… affordable!

I also love their brand new range online, behold!

GlamRockChic Shoes

How hot do these look!? They are definitely a pair of knock-out, statement heels!

They are called Super Diva Mustard – with mustard yellow, zebra print, studs, and cool diagonal lines, you can’t really go wrong with them. They will just look great with a multitude of outfits – skirts, pants, jeans.

They come in a black version too – which is probably a more versatile investment.

This shoe was my favourite because of their design. Interestingly it doesn’t look like a “trendy statement” shoe that will quickly go out of fashion. I feel they look “classic statement” in that they will always look glamorous and stand out… if you get what I mean. I will be rocking them and loving them for a long time indeed.

GlamRockChic Shoes

These shoes are called Vamp, in grey. A most excellent alternative to boring black heels! I love the texture and colour!

Believe it or not, but they have been specially designed with comfort in mind. I was wearing them for 7 – 8 hours straight during fashion week and didn’t get a blister or sore feet. I didn’t even notice the time of night… until my girlfriends were walking more slowly and sitting down every 10 minutes.

GlamRockChic Shoes

Another shoe designed with comfort and style in mind is the Lifesaver.

It’s a more posh chic, for an effortless cool look. They’re soooo comfortable to wear. When I slip them on it’s like they are giving my feet a snugly hug.

Sarah, the designer behind the brand tells on her blog some fascinating stories of how she developed her shoes, testing them herself, using quality materials, pushing her manufacturers. It’s very interesting to discover how shoe designers work.

Do check out the whole GlamRockChic collection online!

Happy shopping!

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