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House of Ernest Hair Salon, Perth

3 October 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I was getting ready to go to a whole week of events at the Perth Fashion Festival. But I wasn’t feeling good about my hair.

In fact, I wasn’t just having a bad hair day. I was having a bad hair MONTH. I had gotten into a deep rut with my hair care regime. I felt that no matter what I wore, I would feel crap because everyone else was going to have better hair than me.

My ends were dry, my layers were snapping off, it had been months since my last hair treatment. My hair was just dull, lifeless, hard to manage and very bleh. And so I felt very bleh.  I am my hair.

So on the morning the day before the first of my fashion events, I was so desperate that I pressed the “restart” button on my hair.

I called up House of Ernest, the most famous hair salon in Perth (that I have never been to! I remember girlfriends raving about it as far back as when I was at university!)

But I must confess, whenever I am feeling down about my hair, I know I am also very vulnerable

And I’m likely to be easily talked into a radical change – or whatever “interesting ideas” the stylist happens to want to do that day. So I am always scared that I might end up with hot pink highlights, or dreadlocks, or a butch looking bob – and then spend the next 5 years growing my hair back to its original length.

So House of Ernest sent me some of their styling images.

House of Ernest Salon

And I was like – YES, that’s how I want my hair to look. I was hooked. The left and middle photos are from their Autumn Winter 2011 collection, and the photo on the right is part of their new Spring Summer 2011 collection.

I fell in love with the waves and the chocolate highlights in the center photo, obviously because it was closer to my own hair colour.

The team at House of Ernest invited me to have a full hair cut, colour and treatment, THE NEXT MORNING, and I agreed that if I liked what they did, I would talk about it on my blog. I secured emergency babysitting (thanks Mum!) and the next morning I was off to my hair appointment.

House of Ernest Salon

This is what my hair looked like before my appointment. VERY BLEH.

House of Ernest Salon

I had a big chat with both the senior hair stylist and creative director. I told them what was wrong with my hair, what I wanted, the history and characteristics of my hair, they walked through exactly what treatment was best for my hair, all the things I was doing wrong (that was where I had my AH HA moment), and gave me so many great tips to keep my hair shiny and healthy.

I especially appreciated that they were not trying to convince me that their products were the best. I told them all the products that I use and love, and they made suggestions on how to get the best results from them.

I felt it was one of the most valuable, expert, honest and personalised consultations I’ve had with a hair stylist and colourist.

House of Ernest Salon

They gave me a hair cut, put highlights through my hair (carefully placed, so the regrowth will not be so obvious), gave me a treatment, colour and gloss through my hair.

And since I told them I was going to a fashion party that evening, they topped it off with an awesome wave styled with a ghd. I was very happy with the results!

House of Ernest Salon

Another thing that I liked was that I found out that the salon frequently holds styling events, training with international stylist, workshops, fashion shows – in order to keep their staff inspired, motivated, excited and in touch with all the current trends and techniques.

I really recommend them!

House of Ernest
Shop 19, Upper Hay Street,
Carillon City, Perth WA 6000
(located on the top floor of the Carillon City Arcade)

Phone: 9321 3391

House of Ernest Facebook Page