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Cocktail Hour by Wanderlust + Co

27 September 2011

Whenever I go to a cocktail party or wedding, I always tend to put a lot of thought (and money!) into the dress that I am wearing.

But for some reason, I usually don’t put a lot of thought into accessorising, and I often leave it to the last minute. Which often results in me, running out to the shops the day before the event to quickly buy something cheap, generic and mainstream. And I always regret it.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this new couture collection from Wanderlust + Co with all you girls out there, who share this bad habit of mine. No more excuses for cheap, mainstream jewellery!

The collection is called Cocktail Hour, and you *must* have a look at their lookbook.

I don’t usually get excited about “pretty” jewellery, but these style shots from the lookbook made my girly-side perk up and go “Ooooooh!”

The jewellery style is extremely feminine, elegant and very pretty indeed.

Cocktail Hour by Wanderlust + Co

What I love about the collection is that so many of the pieces match each other. But not in an obvious matchy-matchy way.

Each piece is unique and gorgeous, you can wear them as a statement piece, or you can wear them together, and you just can’t go wrong.

And the prices are very good too. Not mind-blowingly expensive, not discount-bin cheap. Nice and affordable.

Cocktail Hour by Wanderlust + Co

Here I’m wearing the Jumbo Dome Ring, V-Knot Amber Ring and in the first photo, I am wearing Butterfly Drop Gem earrings in Apricot.

Cocktail Hour by Wanderlust + Co

These are the large Teardrop Onyx earrings. They also come in apricot crystal and peridot (olive green gem).

Cocktail Hour by Wanderlust + Co

And this is the Amber Crystal bangle, which is elegant and timeless.

I also like that the jewellery pieces have some substance to them. They don’t feel light, cheap, made of plastic. They feel heavy, high quality and look amazing.

The Cocktail Hour Couture pieces are made with crystals from Swarovski Elements, and 14-karat rhodium-plating.

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Happy shopping!

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