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Celebrating Malaysian Cuisine at Ria

22 September 2011

For the last of my posts celebrating Malaysian food, courtesy of Malaysian Kitchen, I decided to eat at a more “upmarket” restaurant.

I have never been to Ria Authentic Malaysian Food, in Leederville. They have been open for quite a few years now, and I have heard a lot of good reviews and things about them.

They say they specialise in “authentic home style Malaysian cooking” so I was very curious to try it out.

I went with my husband and 2 other friends. Thankfully I booked a table a few day in advanced, because we arrived to a restaurant that was packed full of people. It was very, very popular.

Ria Authentic Malaysian Food

We ordered two entrees. The Ria Pork Rib Nibbles in caramelised chilli sauce ($16.50). They were a very tasty. I love pork ribs… especially crispy, salty, tangy, sweet, pork ribs!

Ria Authentic Malaysian Food

We also ordered Grilled Squid Skewers with acar (pickle) and chilli jam ($18). The squid was lovely, and even better when mixed with the flavours of the pickle and jam.

Ria Authentic Malaysian Food

For our first main, we ordered Mum’s Loh Ak (Braised caramelised duck) ($25). The sauce was deep, sweet and salty and it was very yummy. Not to mention the duck meat was lovely, soft and it fell off the bone easily.

We also ordered a Lamb Kari (not pictured) ($23.50) which was Malay-style lamb curry from Johor with potatoes.

Ria Authentic Malaysian Food

And my favourite of the lot was the Nyonya Chicken Curry ($22) which completely surprised me, because it tasted almost exactly like how my aunties make their chicken curries.

So the restaurant certainly receives a big tick for authenticity!

We ate it with Roti ($3 each), white rice ($2.50 each) and 4 beers.

In the end, the cost of the meal was $155, which turned out to be about $38 per person.

The ambiance was nice, the service was excellent, the food was great. It was a very good dining experience, I recommend it.

Ria Authentic Malaysian Food
106 Oxford St
Leederville, 6007
(08) 9328 2998