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Keeping Up

13 September 2011

Tennis on the Street!

I had my first kid when I was 25.

Some people say that 25 is pretty young to start having kids, others say it’s a great age.

At times, in moments of weakness, I find myself wondering whether I’ve done the right thing to have kids so early. Whether it was right for me.

I get updates and photos of my peers traveling all over the world. I watch their careers skyrocket and the number of their properties and cars multiply.

There are some times, I think – Good grief, here I am trapped in this bottomless pit of domesticity, a life of never-ending nappies, never-ending school lunches, never-ending laundry and never-ending shouting at the kids…

But hey, then again, is it really so bad?

The reality is, most days I enjoy the fact that I’m a young mother.

I really, really enjoy it.

I’m in my 30’s and I have 3 kids!

It spins me out when I say that.

Because I still feel like I’m 25.

I love the fact that I can play tennis on the street with my 8 year old. Play basketball with my 6 year old. And dance with my 2 year old.

I love that I can kick a football, skateboard, play cricket, cycle and do stupid stuff like swing on the park swings so high that I make myself dizzy. Just because I can. I feel extremely blessed.

I love that my ambition, my brains, my passion, my energy, my excitement for life… are all still in me.

I’m looking forward to many more years of being active, and keeping up with my children.