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Photos from the Past: Bath. Massage. Bed.

8 September 2011

September 2003. I took these photos of my first born child, when he was 6 months old. It’s basically a photographic progression of our daily night time routine.

Every evening, after the sun had set outside… my husband would return home from work. He would put his things down, and I would excitedly tell him about my day. My whole day. The baby’s day.

Then it was bath time – his special time to bond with our new baby. The house was always so calm and quiet. We would put on soothing music, dim all the lights in the house. We would bring out the bathtub and set it up on out dinner table. It was magical.

Callum - 6 months

Carrying a bathtub full of water from the bathroom into the dining room was very tricky. So we found it easier to boil water in a kettle, then mix it straight in the bath. We’d test the temperature of the water with our elbows. Then test it again, just to make sure.

My son loved bath times!

Callum - 6 months

We’d smother him with organic rosehip oil, and then give him a little baby massage, and some tummy time.

Callum - 6 months

For nappies, we used to fold large, square, terry towel nappies into triangles, and fasten them with a great big safety pin! Then we’d slip a plastic pilcher over the top, so there were no leakages. We were hardcore!

Callum - 6 months

We’d tuck him into his cot, he’d watch his mobile for a bit, and minutes later, he would be fast asleep.

Ah these memories and these photos… they are so precious. They make me so warm and happy. But at the same time, they make me laugh.

I should make a photographic progression of our night time routine NOW – WITH 3 KIDS!

It’s utter chaos and madness.

Yet at the same time, I’m sure I’ll look back at those photos and they too will make me warm and happy.