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Perth Fashion Festival 2011 – My Lust List

30 September 2011

So the fashion festival is over, I’ve sat front row for 10 or so fashion shows (I think)… and oh boy, have I seen a lot of fashion!

I have hundreds of photos still sitting in my camera… but these are the photos that I want to share.

These are the clothes that made my heart skip a beat, and I would go out and buy RIGHT NOW, if I had the money.

Perth Fashion Festival 2011 - Aurelio Costarella

For Aurelio Costarella’s collection, I LOVED how he paired the deep, rich magenta, with a muted lime. That skirt is so mine.

Perth Fashion Festival 2011 - Aurelio Costarella

I could also do with an Aurelio Costarella lime green feather coat too.

Perth Fashion Festival 2011 - Yeo Jin Bae

I adored this skirt, blouse and bikini combo from Yeo Jin Bae.

Perth Fashion Festival 2011 - Story By Tang

I am a bit of a Story by Tang fan, as I have a few of their dresses. These printed shorts are so cool and would find a very good home in my wardrobe.

Perth Fashion Festival 2011 - Poppy Lissiman

Ok I want everything and anything from Poppy Lissiman‘s latest collection. Electric colours and crazy prints. I love.

Perth Fashion Festival 2011 - Aelkemi

I want this dress by Aelkemi.

Perth Fashion Festival 2011 - Aelkemi

And this one too.

I’m a very big fan of Aelkemi, and I seriously had to contain my excitement throughout the show. I was almost squealing from my seat – Oooh I want that dress! Oh that one too! Look at that GREEN! Omg that orange is to die for!

I am totally exhausted, yet buzzing from all the fun and friends :)

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Post from the Past: Teething

29 September 2011

I wrote this post in December 2003, when my first born was 9 months old.

I read it now, with crystal clear memories of those few days – it was the first time I’ve experienced a teething baby.

I remember it was so difficult to manage, to do my daily tasks, to look after him and myself. I remember struggling to find time to have a shower! And the sleep deprivation was just horrific!

Now with 3 children, I always crack a smile when I remember those moments of being a first time mother.

I realise have learned so much and changed so much over the years.

I am by no means an expert parent, but it’s good to look back to see how far I have come.


Callum - 8 months

Callum and I had a pretty awful weekend. Callum’s 5th and 6th teeth cut through, and he was the GRUMPIEST AND CRANKIEST LITTLE KID EVER!

Usually he’s pretty independent. He would spend hours just crawling and climbing all over the place. He likes to explore the shelves, cupboards, rooms, behind couches and tables. He likes following the cat, shuffling through the junk mail, sliding the chairs around.

And as long as I’m in the same room keeping an eye on him, we’re both having a pleasant day doing whatever we need to do.

He also sleeps about 2-3 hours in the late morning. And 1 hour in the late afternoon. So I get heaps done during the day.

But good lord, since Friday, he was in so much pain – poor thing. He didn’t sleep at all during the day.

He whinged and blubbered and cried all day. He wouldn’t let me out of his sight. He wouldn’t even let me stand up to get something. He just wanted to cling onto my leg. Or sit in my lap. Or have me cuddle him. Or hold him. Or bounce him up and down while he grizzled and grumbled. All day!

My husband was on a scuba diver rescue course all weekend. So it was really hard work on my own. and I was pretty down.

But by Monday – just like that – things were back to normal.

I was so very relieved. I took him out for lunch and he was the happy little kid bouncing on everyone’s knee again. Thank God!!

Callum - 8 months

These are some photos from the same week. My son and I were mucking about on the grass, playing a crawl-under-the-cushion game. He was a little too interested in eating leaves.

Callum - 8 months

After a while, he got bored and started head-butting the cushion from underneath. He made it fall on top of himself, let out a very girly squeal and then started to crawl with the cushion on his back – like a turtle. Thoroughly enjoying himself.

It was very funny. But I guess you had to be there.

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Cocktail Hour by Wanderlust + Co

27 September 2011

Whenever I go to a cocktail party or wedding, I always tend to put a lot of thought (and money!) into the dress that I am wearing.

But for some reason, I usually don’t put a lot of thought into accessorising, and I often leave it to the last minute. Which often results in me, running out to the shops the day before the event to quickly buy something cheap, generic and mainstream. And I always regret it.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this new couture collection from Wanderlust + Co with all you girls out there, who share this bad habit of mine. No more excuses for cheap, mainstream jewellery!

The collection is called Cocktail Hour, and you *must* have a look at their lookbook.

I don’t usually get excited about “pretty” jewellery, but these style shots from the lookbook made my girly-side perk up and go “Ooooooh!”

The jewellery style is extremely feminine, elegant and very pretty indeed.

Cocktail Hour by Wanderlust + Co

What I love about the collection is that so many of the pieces match each other. But not in an obvious matchy-matchy way.

Each piece is unique and gorgeous, you can wear them as a statement piece, or you can wear them together, and you just can’t go wrong.

And the prices are very good too. Not mind-blowingly expensive, not discount-bin cheap. Nice and affordable.

Cocktail Hour by Wanderlust + Co

Here I’m wearing the Jumbo Dome Ring, V-Knot Amber Ring and in the first photo, I am wearing Butterfly Drop Gem earrings in Apricot.

Cocktail Hour by Wanderlust + Co

These are the large Teardrop Onyx earrings. They also come in apricot crystal and peridot (olive green gem).

Cocktail Hour by Wanderlust + Co

And this is the Amber Crystal bangle, which is elegant and timeless.

I also like that the jewellery pieces have some substance to them. They don’t feel light, cheap, made of plastic. They feel heavy, high quality and look amazing.

The Cocktail Hour Couture pieces are made with crystals from Swarovski Elements, and 14-karat rhodium-plating.

Shop all Cocktail Hour Colleciton

Happy shopping!

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Here Be Dragons

26 September 2011

I love stumbling across weird and wonderful things in nature.

Seaweed Balls

A few weeks ago, our family drove out to a very, very deserted beach.

Water and sand stretched out in both directions, as far as the eye could see.

And dotted along the shore were these AMAZING looking balls of seaweed twigs.

My husband’s theory was that… from the masses of seaweed that were constantly washed onto the shore… small bundles of seaweed broke off, and were rolled up and down the beach with the waves… creating these beautiful twiggy spheres.

Seaweed Balls

But our kids said they were sea dragon eggs, which had been laid onto the sand.

We found more than 20 of them. From tiny ones the size of apples, to ones bigger than watermelons!

We kicked them down the beach, we threw them into the waves, we rolled them into a line, we even tried to make “snowmen” with them.

And then we chose 5 special, perfectly sphere-shaped ones (for each member of our family) to take home.

They look amazing as a dinner table centre piece.  And every morning, the kids eat breakfast, and joke about when the sea dragon eggs will hatch.

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Me in the City

23 September 2011


33 floors up.

VIP launch party for the 2011 Perth Fashion Festival.

Style. Drinks. Expensive Nibbles. Speeches. Media. I Love What You’re Wearing.

A week of hard-core fashion overload begins.

Oh YEH, Baby!!

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Celebrating Malaysian Cuisine at Ria

22 September 2011

For the last of my posts celebrating Malaysian food, courtesy of Malaysian Kitchen, I decided to eat at a more “upmarket” restaurant.

I have never been to Ria Authentic Malaysian Food, in Leederville. They have been open for quite a few years now, and I have heard a lot of good reviews and things about them.

They say they specialise in “authentic home style Malaysian cooking” so I was very curious to try it out.

I went with my husband and 2 other friends. Thankfully I booked a table a few day in advanced, because we arrived to a restaurant that was packed full of people. It was very, very popular.

Ria Authentic Malaysian Food

We ordered two entrees. The Ria Pork Rib Nibbles in caramelised chilli sauce ($16.50). They were a very tasty. I love pork ribs… especially crispy, salty, tangy, sweet, pork ribs!

Ria Authentic Malaysian Food

We also ordered Grilled Squid Skewers with acar (pickle) and chilli jam ($18). The squid was lovely, and even better when mixed with the flavours of the pickle and jam.

Ria Authentic Malaysian Food

For our first main, we ordered Mum’s Loh Ak (Braised caramelised duck) ($25). The sauce was deep, sweet and salty and it was very yummy. Not to mention the duck meat was lovely, soft and it fell off the bone easily.

We also ordered a Lamb Kari (not pictured) ($23.50) which was Malay-style lamb curry from Johor with potatoes.

Ria Authentic Malaysian Food

And my favourite of the lot was the Nyonya Chicken Curry ($22) which completely surprised me, because it tasted almost exactly like how my aunties make their chicken curries.

So the restaurant certainly receives a big tick for authenticity!

We ate it with Roti ($3 each), white rice ($2.50 each) and 4 beers.

In the end, the cost of the meal was $155, which turned out to be about $38 per person.

The ambiance was nice, the service was excellent, the food was great. It was a very good dining experience, I recommend it.

Ria Authentic Malaysian Food
106 Oxford St
Leederville, 6007
(08) 9328 2998

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ASOS has arrived in Australia!

20 September 2011

ASOS Australia Launch

If you’ve never tried online shopping, it’s a sweet time to start :)

ASOS have launched a new version of their site for their Australian customers and are offering:
1) free shipping to Australia, on all orders
2) an Australian return address, which means cheaper returns!
3) AU sizing and currency

All their stock and pricing will remain the same as the international sites, as will the connection to their international marketplace, fashion content and fashion community.

Check out the ASOS Australia site

* To celebrate, ASOS are offering 20% off full priced items, until Thursday. Just use the code ‘LFWSHOP’ at the checkout. For Australian customers only.

The 3 photos above were items that are on my must have list!

Slouchy Boyfriend T-shirt (AUD$16)

Satin Vest in Tomato Red (AUD$40)

Boyfriend Blazer in Green (AUD$88)

ASOS Australia Launch

Heavy Drape Bandeau Dress in Purple (AUD$56 on sale)

Pleated Midi Dress in Blue (AUD$64)

Butterfly Bandeau Dress (AUD$32 on sale)

Hope you find something you like!

Oh and be sure to check out the Outlet Section – you’ll definitely find a bargain there :)

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Itching, but still smiling

19 September 2011

Karen and Liam (2.5yo) in the grass

A few weeks ago, our family went on a weekend trip away… and this is my little toddler and I, sitting in the middle of a grassy field.

This whole field was covered with very tall weeds. Weeds that were taller than I was!

My 3 children and I played a game where we created a maze in the tall grass and chased each other around, until we laughed ourselves silly and fell over.

The sun set and threw a golden light over the whole meadow. We were panting and giggling and itching and glowing.

It was beautiful.

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Winner: $1000 Voucher from Frockaholics

17 September 2011

Clothes from Frockaholics

By random selection, the winner for my $1000 Frockaholics voucher is…

Lynn Hong

Congratulations Lynn, I hope you enjoy your prize :)

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Post from the Past: Playgroups

16 September 2011

This post was written in November 2003, when my first child was 8 months old.

Back then, going to a mother’s group (or playgroup) was one of the best things I did as a new mother. It saved me from going insane, it was my social network, it was my girl time, it was fun, enjoyable and relaxing.

There were 8 of us in the group, and we met up every week for 4 years (until our oldest kids went to kindergarten).


We went to our playgroup today!

Callum is the first in the group to crawl – and it wasn’t a good thing!

I spent most of the morning chasing after him, while all the other mums relaxed with a cup of tea. He was chasing the other babies, stealing their toys, trying to suck people’s toes and trying to grab the chocolate biscuits.

Eventually I let him loose in the baby play area. And I caught him examining himself in the mirror. It was too cute!

Callum - 8 months

Then he successfully climbed through one of those plastic cubby houses.

Callum - 8 months

We cut his hair the other day. It was getting long and feral looking. I was too nervous to use a pair of scissors, because Callum REALLY likes shiny things, and I was afraid that he might try to grab them as I snipped his hair.

So we got out the clippers and gave him a number 6 all around. Now he definitely looks more like his dad.

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Berry Bow – Fashion from Korea

14 September 2011

Berry Bow is a new online store specialising in quality fashion made in Korea – at really good prices.

I believe their quality matches that of the high-street fashion chain stores, such as Topshop, Zara, Forever New, Country Road, Sportsgirl.

While their collection is smaller than most boutiques, I feel they offer a nice (and well edited) choice of trendy, classic and smart-casual pieces. The brand definitely targets young women with a sophisticated style. I like it!

Clothes from Berry Bow

Polka dots are making an appearance in the new fashion season, so I thought I’d try out this cute polka-dot dress from their Dresses section of the site.

It was a very nice dress to wear, it fit beautifully, and the material + lining was lightweight, soft and smooth. Not to mention I pulled it out of the box and it didn’t even need an iron.

I thought it was possibly a bit too “girly and pretty” for my style – but a friend convinced me that with the right accessories, I could wear it to the Spring racing carnival coming up, and I think she might be right!

Clothes from Berry Bow

This deep green dress is part of their Premium Collection, it also comes in cream and black. It’s a simple dress that sits and falls very nicely, and it comfortable and easy to wear. You could easily wear it to a formal evening function, and it’s quite a bargain at US$70.

Clothes from Berry Bow

Lastly, this was my favourite dress. I considered it to be one of “those awesome versatile dresses” you find yourself accidentally wearing all the time.

Throw it on with some tan sandals and a straw hat for day time wear. Wear it tucked into blue jeans to run to the shops. Tuck it into black skinny jeans and wear them to dinner. Put a belt around its waist and wear it as a party dress. Heck wear it to the beach or to lounge beside the pool.

A fabulous buy!

House of Harlow from Berry Bow

Also… the online store stocks accessories from House of Harlow 1960 (by Nicole Richie) – which are very cool (not to mention popular too). View the collection here.

Do have a look around the Berry Bow website, and I hope you find something you like!

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Keeping Up

13 September 2011

Tennis on the Street!

I had my first kid when I was 25.

Some people say that 25 is pretty young to start having kids, others say it’s a great age.

At times, in moments of weakness, I find myself wondering whether I’ve done the right thing to have kids so early. Whether it was right for me.

I get updates and photos of my peers traveling all over the world. I watch their careers skyrocket and the number of their properties and cars multiply.

There are some times, I think – Good grief, here I am trapped in this bottomless pit of domesticity, a life of never-ending nappies, never-ending school lunches, never-ending laundry and never-ending shouting at the kids…

But hey, then again, is it really so bad?

The reality is, most days I enjoy the fact that I’m a young mother.

I really, really enjoy it.

I’m in my 30’s and I have 3 kids!

It spins me out when I say that.

Because I still feel like I’m 25.

I love the fact that I can play tennis on the street with my 8 year old. Play basketball with my 6 year old. And dance with my 2 year old.

I love that I can kick a football, skateboard, play cricket, cycle and do stupid stuff like swing on the park swings so high that I make myself dizzy. Just because I can. I feel extremely blessed.

I love that my ambition, my brains, my passion, my energy, my excitement for life… are all still in me.

I’m looking forward to many more years of being active, and keeping up with my children.

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Nikon School for Fashion Photographers and Bloggers

9 September 2011

The good folks at My Nikon Life want to spread the word about some fashion photography courses coming up as part of the Perth Fashion Festival – both of which I’ll be a part of this year!

To find out more and to book classes, go to Nikon School at Perth Fashion Festival.

Nikon School at Perth Fashion FestivalFashion Photography MasterClass
With Nationally Acclaimed Fashion Photographer Christian Blanchard

Learn from one of the leaders amongst Australian fashion photographers. Named as one of Capture Magazine’s Top Ten Photographers, Perth native Christian Blanchard has quickly risen to the top in the fast paced and competitive world of fashion photography.

Gain experience and insight into what it takes to make a shoot magic through lighting, direction, creative narrative and post-production. A rare opportunity not to be missed!

Sunday 25 September, 2011
Tickets $349

Nikon School at Perth Fashion FestivalFashion Bloggers: Shooting the Look
Fashion Blog Photography and Street Portraiture, with Photographer Christian Blanchard

Think Sartorialist meets Subiaco! Not to be missed, this special workshop will see you photographing street style with live models, while gaining expert insights into portraiture and street fashion. A fun filled few hours that will bring your abilities to the next level.

Friday 23rd September, 2011 (Invitation Only)

Saturday 24 September, 2011
10am – 1pm
Tickets $119

Nikon School at Perth Fashion FestivalRocking the Runway
Lighting and Technique with Renowned Runway Photographer Stefan Gosatti

Learn how to shoot the runway, while capturing and composing brilliant images and fashion at its very best. Official Perth Fashion Festival Photographer Stefan Gosatti offers insight into the composition, lighting and etiquette it takes to successfully shoot the glamorous and high intensity world of Runway Fashion.

Participants will get the opportunity to practice their technique with an in-class runway, live model and guidance from one of Australia’s best.

Saturday 24 September, 2011
Tickets $149

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Photos from the Past: Bath. Massage. Bed.

8 September 2011

September 2003. I took these photos of my first born child, when he was 6 months old. It’s basically a photographic progression of our daily night time routine.

Every evening, after the sun had set outside… my husband would return home from work. He would put his things down, and I would excitedly tell him about my day. My whole day. The baby’s day.

Then it was bath time – his special time to bond with our new baby. The house was always so calm and quiet. We would put on soothing music, dim all the lights in the house. We would bring out the bathtub and set it up on out dinner table. It was magical.

Callum - 6 months

Carrying a bathtub full of water from the bathroom into the dining room was very tricky. So we found it easier to boil water in a kettle, then mix it straight in the bath. We’d test the temperature of the water with our elbows. Then test it again, just to make sure.

My son loved bath times!

Callum - 6 months

We’d smother him with organic rosehip oil, and then give him a little baby massage, and some tummy time.

Callum - 6 months

For nappies, we used to fold large, square, terry towel nappies into triangles, and fasten them with a great big safety pin! Then we’d slip a plastic pilcher over the top, so there were no leakages. We were hardcore!

Callum - 6 months

We’d tuck him into his cot, he’d watch his mobile for a bit, and minutes later, he would be fast asleep.

Ah these memories and these photos… they are so precious. They make me so warm and happy. But at the same time, they make me laugh.

I should make a photographic progression of our night time routine NOW – WITH 3 KIDS!

It’s utter chaos and madness.

Yet at the same time, I’m sure I’ll look back at those photos and they too will make me warm and happy.

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HulaHut Online Fashion Boutique

6 September 2011

I’d like to introduce you all to an online boutique I’ve discovered recently – Hula Hut.

It’s a stylish website with a great collection of dresses, tops and jackets from familiar Australian brands like Honey & Beau, Cooper St, Anise, Ladakh, MinkPink, Living Doll and more.

Best thing about this website: Prices range from very affordable to medium. There are lots of regular new arrivals. And you can nab an excellent bargain in their sale section.

Clothes By HulaHut Clothing

Again I was given the pleasure of choosing some clothes to borrow and review.

Above I’m wearing a lovely Indulge Mini Dress with a Brooklyn Trench coat, both by Honey & Beau.

I adored this trench! Not too heavy, not too light. It felt so soft, smooth, light and the tailoring details gave it a nice feminine touch. Actually the whole outfit was very pretty, and felt great to wear.

See more items by Honey & Beau.

Clothes By HulaHut Clothing

This super sexy, black dress is by Cooper St. It is soft, slinky and stretchy, with lots of rouching, and a cool looking back.

See more items by Cooper St.

Clothes By HulaHut Clothing

As I was saying, they have a good collection of pretty dresses – these are some that caught my eye.

Clothes By HulaHut Clothing

And these are some jackets I really liked from the site – by Anise, Sass and Fate.

Don’t forget to visit their New Arrivals page and their Sale page.

Hope you find something you like!


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The Icing On The Cake

5 September 2011

By The river

I couldn’t decide which was the best thing about this moment.

The fact that my husband and I were sitting at a cafe table, having a cup of tea, enjoying the weather, having an adult conversation, with no children noises.

Or, that my three children were sitting by themselves – beautifully sharing ONE ICE CREAM.

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Wearing: PINK!

2 September 2011


So the other day I went to an Op Shop and found these AWESOME cropped pants, in my size, in perfect condition, in the craziest colour!

I also found a stack of other goodies, and I was suddenly all inspired to wear some crazy colours out and about.

Top: YesStyle
Pants: Thrifted
Bag: All Dressed Up from ShopTheMag
Wrist: Gifts, and made it myself.
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: ASOS

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Wife-1, Husband-100

1 September 2011

Ever since we moved into our new house, my list of JOBS FOR MY HUSBAND TO DO has been growing and growing.

Drill some holes in the wall. Change a few door knobs. Fix the lock in the bathroom. Fix the floorboards. Change a door clasp. Put new window locks in. Mend some broken drawers. Build an extra shelf. Get rid of the rats in the ceiling. That’s just the tip of the ice berg!

Anyway, recently, I’ve felt a bit sorry for him.

Thus I enthusiastically agreed to do all the simple “handyman jobs” around the house.

I was keen as a kid with a new science project!

Bring it on!

So on the weekend my husband gave me my first task:

To find out why an outside drain was flooding.

Just outside our house, along a side wall, there is a kind of flow-off drain, which seemed to fill up with water and flood every so often, and it had an awful smell.

I lifted the little plastic grill lid and peered in.

Blocked Drain

I had to reach deep inside the drain hole… and lift out these objects one at a time.

A plastic soccer ball, a spade, a tennis ball, a plastic container, and a dinosaur.

Obviously my 2.5 year old son had thrown them in.

They were all covered in a thick slime, so I couldn’t get a grip on them while wearing gloves. I tried using tongs, a fork, a spoon. In the end I had to use my bare hands.

And there were also 3 rotten oranges (I spared you the photographic evidence), that were so decomposed they fell apart in my hands and I had to scoop them out like jelly. Eeew.

Blocked Drain

The drain was so deep, that I was lying on the ground, with my cheek pressed on the paving, reaching DEEEEEP into this slimy hole.

It was surreal, disgusting, humbling, and necessary.

How was your weekend?