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A Post from the Past: Callum’s Swimming Lessons

11 August 2011

I wrote this post in July 2003, when my first child, Callum, was 3 months old.

In Australia you can go to a special indoor, heated hydro-therapy pool and have swimming classes for your baby. The mother (or father) is in the water with the child, and everyone sings and does actions.


2003 - Callum (3mo) at Swimming Lessons

Our 2nd baby swim class!

Callum was much more relaxed this time.

We swished and swayed in the water and he ALMOST gave me a giggle. But he was distracted by the 6 month old baby (all the other babies are only 3 months) who was showing off by paddling with his hands and doing somersaults in the water.

2003 - Callum (3mo) at Swimming Lessons

Cal still hasn’t got full control of his neck muscles, so he loved floating on his back. The rest of the time, he was Mr Floppy Head.

2003 - Callum (3mo) at Swimming Lessons

I find it cute – but frustrating – how babies and kids just LOVE nursery rhymes and kid songs. I can’t STAND them. Grrr. They are just so twinkly and silly and irritating!

There’s only so many times I can sing along to ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ in a high-pitched, chirpy sing-song way while gritting my teeth. Sigh.

I guess as long as the kids are enjoying themselves, I’ll be happy to put up with it :)