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A weekend catch-up in the garden

8 August 2011

In the Garden: Karen and Oranges

We had a fantastic weekend! The weather was lovely and cool, and I was in such a happy and relaxed mood.

In the Garden: Vegetable Bed

I was busy doing some planting and potting during the day.

I have 4 very large vegetable beds, which I have tended and filled up with mixed lettuce, rocket lettuce, spinach, sugar snaps, broccoli, capsicums – all the things my family eats a lot of.

It makes me so happy to see baby vegetables :)

The rest of the weekend was filled with family lunches, dinner parties, soccer,  a cocktail party, a birthday party, sleep overs, and an outing with the kids to Fremantle.

I am blessed with a very rich and busy life!