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Popping Brights from Loef

19 July 2011

Online fashion store Lilies of eField launch a new collection (of over 20 new items) each week. And it’s always such fun to receive their email newsletters and then pop in to see what’s on offer. Ok… sometimes it can get distracting when I’m supposed to be “working”.

A few weeks ago, they kindly let me pick out a few items, and sent them over as gifts. These are the 3 items I decided to style and feature – they are all SUPER BRIGHT colours, which are very on-trend in this new season.

Clothes from LOEF

Yeah I chose this LIME Ruffle Dress. Just for fun of course. I didn’t think I’d be able to pull it off. But it actually looks rather cool with my dark grey blazer and black suede booties.

I usually don’t like dresses that are too ruffley. But here I think the ruffles break up the lime colour quite well and give the dress some shadow and texture. You know, so I don’t look like a glow stick.

The material is stretch jersey, and it’s pretty good for it’s price. I really like it!

(The bag is a surprise for my next week’s shopping review. Stay tuned!)

Clothes from LOEF

This Green Oversized Shirt is surprisingly lovely to wear. It falls very nicely in that relaxed-chic, effortless and sexy kind of way.

The colour is actually a little more dull in real life. But it’s still vibrant, bright and definitely unique. It’ll go fab with a high waisted pencil skirt.

I like the cut so much, I’m going to ask whether they stock it in different colours.

Clothes from LOEF


The colour of the skirt here is exactly the same in real life! BRIGHT! Excuse my funny expression – I was momentarily blinded by all the white.

I don’t think I’d wear the skirt with black… it might make me look like a bee, or a cement truck. But if you pair it with white and grey (light and dark grey) it will look awesome.

If you’re not as daring (or crazy), then it also comes in a black version.

Clothes from LOEF

The LOEF website has lots (LOTS) of other items… that are not in crazy bright colours.

Such as these I picked out, which look great: a green Zara inspired top (which come in a couple of colours), a black pleated sheer blouse and a coral pleated tiered top.

Happy shopping y’all!

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