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15 July 2011

Some things I’ve bought recently…

Some things I’ve bought recently…

Button down shirt by Ralph Lauren
I think I’ve come to a stage where I’m looking to replace some of my staple wardrobe items with better quality versions. Well, that’s my justification for buying yet another blue shirt!

No the truth is, I already have 2 blue shirts, but they are a bit old now. One developed a pill on the fabric, so I had to downgrade it to my B-Team blue shirt. The other yellowed over time (even though I had not worn it much) I think it was a chemical reaction of the fabric dye and my “earth friendly washing powders” and it just looked icky, so I had to get rid of it.

Suede wedge boots by Tony Bianco
I’ve been looking for a pair of slightly-heeled, wedge, ankle boots in real leather. And I am SO happy I found these! These were current season designs going for $169.95, but I got this pair for $65 from ebay, from someone who bought the wrong size.

Red leather skirt
The skirt I bought is almost exactly as the one shown here. It is red, pencil style, real leather skirt… it fits me perfectly around the waist and I scored it for $18 on ebay! I love ebay!

(The skirt shown here is by Rachel Roy).

Skinny beige pants from Country Road
Since last year, I have been hunting for a pair of slim fitting, beige pants or jeans to wear tucked into my boots. These were $120 (I think) discounted to $39. The inner panel looks quite distinct here (like a wannabe horse rider), but I’ve worn it here and you can hardly tell there’s a contrasting panel.

Things I’m looking to buy...

Things I’m looking to buy…

Halston Heritage White Blazer from
I already have a white blazer, but it has a drape collar… so it tends to add a touch of femininity to my outfits. I’m now looking for a blazer that is a bit more “classic” in style – so my outfits look more smart, formal and polished, in a tuxedo kind of way.

Luisa Beccaria silk blend skirt, from the
I love the soft, feminine look of this skirt. And the understated floral pattern.

YSL Suede Heels in teal, from net-a-porter
There’s something magical about teal and suede and these YSL heels are absolutely stunning. I definitely will have my eyes peeled for something similar, and I’m looking forward to owning a purse in teal.

Snakeskin Purse by Reed Krakoff, from net-a-porter
I’ve always adored the *look* of snakeskin. I have a pair of leather shoes and a handbag in a snakeskin print, but I think a little purse will compliment many evening functions.

Anyway, enough about my wardrobe, have a great weekend everyone! xxx

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