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Growing Up Right

11 July 2011

My birthday falls on the 4th of July, and well… I like to claim the whole month to myself.

Not to mention, it’s just an easy excuse to have lots of dinner parties and celebrations with my beloved friends and family.

On the weekend, I invited my whole extended family over to celebrate.

In the afternoon, my husband cleaned the house, and the boys did a spectacular job in helping out.

I made a salad.

At 6pm, my Mum and Dad arrived – with 8 different dishes that my Mum had spent the whole afternoon cooking. My house filled up with the smells that I have known since I was a kid – roast pork, chicken curry, satays.

And then 30 people I have known all my life crammed into our place, speaking loudly in English and Cantonese, chatting, laughing, sharing funny stories – living.

When it was time for the cake, my aunty produced a huge box – which was a complete surprise to me.

I peered into the cake box and saw a BIG, PINK, ICE CREAM CAKE with my name written in chocolate.

My pink ice cream cake :)

Part of me felt like a kid again. A very special kid, on her very special day.

Part of me felt like I belonged. Having a big, extravagant cake was part of our family tradition after all.

And the rest of me…

I felt so, so blessed to have grown up in this big, crazy family.

And even though I’m 33, I’m still growing.