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Dresses for the New Season – Snake, Sequins, Jewel Tones

29 July 2011

This time of the year is when you should turn on your shopping radar – in order to prepare for all the end of year parties and celebrations.

I know it sounds crazy, but how many times have I been caught-out with nothing to wear to yet another end of year party? MANY!

Anyway the team at ASOS asked if I would like to feature “my picks of dresses for the new season”. Well I love a good fashion challenge, so I made up a few outfit styles with current ASOS dresses that are currently on my wish list.

1. Snakeskin

ASOS Dresses for the New Season - Snake, Sequins, Jewels

This ASOS snake print dress is just gorgeous. I chose a few aqua / teal accessories to give the outfit a very current and bold edge.

All the items are from ASOS.

ASOS Dresses for the New Season - Snake, Sequins, Jewels

Other snakeskin print dresses on ASOS by Stylestalker, River Island and Lipsy.

2. Sequins
ASOS Dresses for the New Season - Snake, Sequins, Jewels

This new season is about going “over the top” and a full-sequin dress certainly fits into this category.

This ASOS Sequin Shift dress that I picked out is not that over the top, as it is much more understated and sophisticated. But it’s very pretty!

ASOS Dresses for the New Season - Snake, Sequins, Jewels

Other sequin dresses on ASOS by Rare, Miss Sixty and French Connection.

3. Jewel Tones

ASOS Dresses for the New Season - Snake, Sequins, Jewels

I love deep, jewel colours – ruby reds, deep amethyst, sapphire blues and emerald greens.

I think my styling tip for this season is… to try a bit of colour contrasting. It doesn’t have to be eye-wateringly clashing, just a little dab of colour will do.

ASOS Dresses for the New Season - Snake, Sequins, Jewels

Other jewel tone dresses on ASOS by Rare, Mango and Miss Sixty. Shop New Dresses on ASOS.

Hope you find something you like! Have a lovely weekend!

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Mastering the Art

28 July 2011

Mastering the Art

It’s usually quite difficult to spot a coin in the sand.

And perhaps more difficult to resist the temptation of stooping over to snatch it up.

Mastering the Art

Yet, it’s probably even more difficult to… reach into your bag, pull out your camera, take a few snaps, put your camera back into your bag, and then stoop over and enjoy the sweet moment of picking up the coin.

Mastering the Art

And no doubt, the most difficult of them all… is to do all of the above before your children sees what you’re up to.

I, my friends, am a master.

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ShopTheMag Online Boutique

26 July 2011

I am SO excited to tell you all about this new online boutique!

ShopTheMag is a luxury fashion boutique that features the top labels from ASIA. Think Net-a-Porter but with designs from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, India, and Thailand.

The best bit is – a strong and luxurious collection of refreshing designs, that are DIFFERENT.

I’d say that it is perfect for women who love affordable luxury items, who love to experiment with styles, searching for statement pieces to wear and talk about, and who dare to stand out a little.

The lovely team let me choose a few items that caught my eye, to borrow, to style, to review and to write what I think.

ShopTheMag Online Boutique

1. Top: Burgundy – a Singaporean label well-known for its timeless and elegant designs. Their recent collection features a lot of luxurious silks and lovely draping.

I’m wearing the Cross Over Silk Bodysuit. I’ve never really liked bodysuits, but I really (REALLY) liked this one, mainly because it was so functional. I love the way I can wear the top “tucked in” with pencils skirts, pants and jeans… and it STAYS tucked in, and just drapes *beautifully*.

You can definitely wear it with an office ensemble layered with a cardigan or a jacket, or with a statement skirt for an evening function, etc. It would go very far in my wardrobe… and I believe this would be the first item I’d buy from this shop :)

See the whole collection from Burgundy.

2. Shorts: Aperçu – a Singaporean label also full of classic pieces, but with a modern yet elegant edge.

I’m wearing the Tailored Silk Wool Shorts. I think the print is so cool and I love the idea of wearing shorts with a blazer. It’d also be great with a lux tee.

See the whole collection from Aperçu.

3. Bag: Alldressedup – described as the brand that put Singapore on the map in the global fashion arena, alldressedup is known for it’s quirky and bold designs. The label is now stocked internationally, and often featured in fashion magazines around the world.

The bag I’m carrying is the ATRIA bag, which I chose because it looked awesome, which subsequently became a gift to me from the ShopTheMag team. It’s wonderfully big (but not too big), it adds a lux-edgy-look to every outfit I carry it with, and it’s robust enough for me to drag around everywhere. LOVE.

Apparently it is made from a special fabric that is water and stain resistant, it was made in the same factory as comme des garcon, and it also comes in a dusty pink colour.

See the whole collection from alldressedup (apparel and acccessories).

4. Cuff: Frank – This is the Double Wrap Leather Cuff and ah what can I say… it looks so very cool and I wish I owned it!!

(Blazer and shoes are my own)

ShopTheMag Online Boutique

6. Dress: Disaya – is a label from Thailand with a big string of celebrity fans. Youthful, quirky, fun and sexy are words I’d used to describe their style.

This Colour Bloack Balloon dress is so relaxed and summery. I love it! It’s so yellow and happy!

(Shirt, shoes and hat are my own)

ShopTheMag Online Boutique

Here’s a designer that I’m very happy to have discovered since browsing the site. I’m quite keen to keep an eye on his work.

7. Dress: Khoon Hooi is a Malaysian designer with a neat list of awards after his name. His collection is full of gorgeous drapes, eye-catching cuts, bold colours and details, with a strong feminine edge.

I’m wearing the very sexy and bold, One-Shoulder Draped Silk Dress. The quality of the fabric is superb and way it is designed and sewn together is very impressive and comfortable to wear. The lace bandeau adds a very sexy touch to the dress too.

It’s definitely a perfect dress to wear to a cocktail party, wedding party, or day time event.

See the whole collection from Khoon Hooi.

8. Ring by Disaya: Gold-plated Fang Ring – Hmm. How can I say this differently? I adore this ring and I can only dream of owning it :)

(Shoes and bracelet are my own)

ShopTheMag Online Boutique

Lastly, this dress is the Silk Tunic Dress with Drape by Burgundy.

I chose it because I wanted to see how these “silky dresses” really fall over a body.

And I wanted to see if I could hitch it up and wear it as a top too.

At first, as you can see from the photo on the left…

That it is totally shapeless and I thought – Ewww, I look like an aunty! Lovely silk and drape and all, but not for me.

Then of course, when something is shapeless, you should always try it again with a belt.

Results are below.

Below Left: I wore it with a wide studded leather belt and it looked hot!

Add some killer heels and a bit of bling, it completely transformed into a great party dress.

In fact, the material is so luxurious it could definitely be worn to an evening  cocktail party or a day time event.

ShopTheMag Online Boutique

Right: Then I tried dressing it for the daytime or office by wearing a light cardigan, and tan accessories. And it still looked great. A blazer would also do the trick.

As for whether it could double as a top… I did tuck a little bit of the front into some black jeans. It looked like a long, billowy top. But I probably wouldn’t tuck it ALL into jeans or pants, as it is a bit long and I wouldn’t want to scrunch up such a fine material. Plus it would look too bulky.

Funny enough, I adored this dress so much in the end, that I decided that this would be he second item I would buy from the shop!

So if you haven’t already, do pop on over to and ShopTheMag take a peek.

There is flat rate global delivery, free shipping to Singapore, and weekly updates (new arrivals, trend updates and sale alerts) from their newsletter.

Happy shopping or browsing!!


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25 July 2011

Our orange tree is producing a lot of good looking fruit!

Oranges from the Garden

There are probably 6 more loads like this still hanging on the tree.

As for their taste, they are a quite sour with a hint of sweetness. And unfortunately they’re not nice enough to eat or give away.

Oranges from the Garden

So the kids helped me juice them up. We squeezed them until the skin on our hands turned funny.

Orange Juice

Served with a bit of sugar, mint and ice… they turned out very yummy!

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Inspiration: Teal and Leopard

23 July 2011

Teal and Leopard Print

The Row Sweater from net-a-porter

M Missoni Skirt from

Platform Wedges from ASOS

Aurelie Birdermann Bracelet from LuisaViaRoma

Leopard Leather Bag from ASOS

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Women’s Online Fashion Shopping Guide.

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Bad luck? Depends how you look at it.

21 July 2011

(A long story made short)

My husband loves to collect objects with a bit of history attached to them.

A few months ago he “found” an old dressing table by the side of the road and brought it home.

I have no idea which era it was from, but it was definitely in a retro style – 1960s or 1970s maybe.

Everyone who saw it… baulked and recoiled in horror.

I didn’t hate it. I just wasn’t too pleased that it was *suddenly* a part of our home.

But my husband saw some charm in it, and yes, even I had to agree, that it was “amazing” – in that it was in PRISTINE CONDITION.

We weren’t sure what to do with it, so in the meantime it sat on one side of our living room.

Now I love my husband.

He puts up with my overflowing wardrobe, my mountain of shoes, my need to glue-tack “pretty stuff” on the walls and my stash of Asian snacks in the pantry.

He puts up with my shit. And I put up with his.

With a smile of course.


While he was overseas for 4 weeks… I tried to move his beloved dressing table to make room for some shelves.

Broken Mirror

I knew I couldn’t lift it, so my plan was to slide it. I lifted up a front leg the *tiniest bit*, so I could slip a towel under it (so it wouldn’t scratch the floor). But I mis-judged the weight of the mirror.

The mirror was so heavy that the whole thing tipped over. In. Slow. Motion. In. Front. Of. My. Eyes.

I was crouched down low, in front of the table, so I didn’t have time, or the strength to catch it as it fell.

I don’t know which scared my toddler the most. The crash. Or my swearing.

I just stood there dumbly for a very long time.

Just looking at the broken bits of glass on the floor.


Then the guilt kicked in.

I felt soooooooooooooooooooo bad.

Broken Mirror

The more I looked at it, the more I felt like laughing and crying at the same time.


My husband was in Scotland, I was in Australia, and there was an 8 hours time difference. I tried to call him, but he was probably still asleep. So I texted him instead, to tell him the bad news.

When he replied, he was very gracious.

He was very concerned that no one was hurt. He reminded me to be careful while cleaning it all up. He wasn’t angry or upset.

I cleaned it up.

(After taking photos, as evidence)

A week later he came home. I said sorry. He didn’t seem to mind. And it was all a non-event after that.

But the craziest thing is… whenever we retell the story to people… no one believes that it was an accident! Everyone thinks that I did it on purpose!


My husband believes me. I think :)

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Popping Brights from Loef

19 July 2011

Online fashion store Lilies of eField launch a new collection (of over 20 new items) each week. And it’s always such fun to receive their email newsletters and then pop in to see what’s on offer. Ok… sometimes it can get distracting when I’m supposed to be “working”.

A few weeks ago, they kindly let me pick out a few items, and sent them over as gifts. These are the 3 items I decided to style and feature – they are all SUPER BRIGHT colours, which are very on-trend in this new season.

Clothes from LOEF

Yeah I chose this LIME Ruffle Dress. Just for fun of course. I didn’t think I’d be able to pull it off. But it actually looks rather cool with my dark grey blazer and black suede booties.

I usually don’t like dresses that are too ruffley. But here I think the ruffles break up the lime colour quite well and give the dress some shadow and texture. You know, so I don’t look like a glow stick.

The material is stretch jersey, and it’s pretty good for it’s price. I really like it!

(The bag is a surprise for my next week’s shopping review. Stay tuned!)

Clothes from LOEF

This Green Oversized Shirt is surprisingly lovely to wear. It falls very nicely in that relaxed-chic, effortless and sexy kind of way.

The colour is actually a little more dull in real life. But it’s still vibrant, bright and definitely unique. It’ll go fab with a high waisted pencil skirt.

I like the cut so much, I’m going to ask whether they stock it in different colours.

Clothes from LOEF


The colour of the skirt here is exactly the same in real life! BRIGHT! Excuse my funny expression – I was momentarily blinded by all the white.

I don’t think I’d wear the skirt with black… it might make me look like a bee, or a cement truck. But if you pair it with white and grey (light and dark grey) it will look awesome.

If you’re not as daring (or crazy), then it also comes in a black version.

Clothes from LOEF

The LOEF website has lots (LOTS) of other items… that are not in crazy bright colours.

Such as these I picked out, which look great: a green Zara inspired top (which come in a couple of colours), a black pleated sheer blouse and a coral pleated tiered top.

Happy shopping y’all!

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Guess Who’s Got a New Toy

18 July 2011

Nikon Coolpix P300

Me me me!

After 5 years with my old compact camera – taking photos of my kids, food, fashion, events and… things rotting under my washing machine – it was time to get a new camera.

I spent ages researching and my heart was stolen by this Nikon P300.

The most standout (and most important) features for me were:

1) full manual controls,

2) f1.8 lens (perfect for low light settings),

3) and it had to be super small and super light.

Can’t wait to play with it more!!

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The Red Tree

17 July 2011

The Red Tree by Barking Gecko Theatre CompanyLast week I took my children to see a performance of Academy Award Winner Shaun Tan’s picture book, The Red Tree, adapted by the Barking Gecko Theatre Company.

It was the first time I had taken my children to see “live theatre”. So in preparation, I sat them down to explain how it is different to a movie, and they were very curious and excited about it.

The book is just beautiful. I so recommend that you read it, or buy it, just to be amazed by how pictures can move your heart. Basically it is a story that uses illustrations to explore the feelings of loneliness and depression. I nearly cried when I first flipped through the whole book.

It is about a girl who wakes up one morning, and her day just goes from bad to worse. She journeys to strange places and finds herself lonely, confused, overwhelmed and living with no direction or hope. But she discovers she has been followed by a red leaf – a symbol of hope and inspiration – and she finds her way home, to a red tree.

The play itself… was very quirky, magical and full of emotion. There was almost no dialogue.

There were some amazing scenes – like when the girl opened a treasure chest and a huge inflatable fish “grew” from it. It hovered over her (symbolising darkness) and it even overshadowed people in the audience too.

My 8yo hated it, because it wasn’t Star Wars. There was no distinct narrative of a story, so he said he “didn’t get it”. But he appreciated that it was “different and interesting”. He just wished someone would talk and say what was going on.

My 6yo loved it. He was literally sitting on the edge of the seat. I could see his eyes bright and attentive throughout the whole performance.

He loved the music (there was a three-man band who made sound effects by banging on pot lids and metal cogs). He loved the lights, the characters, props, acting – it ALL fascinated him to the core. He said he “got it” and knew what was happening at every moment and that it was “so cool”.

We talked about lots of things on the way home – the story and what was going on, what actors do, who made all the props, etc etc.

It was really imaginative and it was a surprising education for my kids into the world of theatre.

(Shaun Tan’s website can be seen here.)

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I’ve Been Shopping

15 July 2011

Some things I’ve bought recently…

Some things I’ve bought recently…

Button down shirt by Ralph Lauren
I think I’ve come to a stage where I’m looking to replace some of my staple wardrobe items with better quality versions. Well, that’s my justification for buying yet another blue shirt!

No the truth is, I already have 2 blue shirts, but they are a bit old now. One developed a pill on the fabric, so I had to downgrade it to my B-Team blue shirt. The other yellowed over time (even though I had not worn it much) I think it was a chemical reaction of the fabric dye and my “earth friendly washing powders” and it just looked icky, so I had to get rid of it.

Suede wedge boots by Tony Bianco
I’ve been looking for a pair of slightly-heeled, wedge, ankle boots in real leather. And I am SO happy I found these! These were current season designs going for $169.95, but I got this pair for $65 from ebay, from someone who bought the wrong size.

Red leather skirt
The skirt I bought is almost exactly as the one shown here. It is red, pencil style, real leather skirt… it fits me perfectly around the waist and I scored it for $18 on ebay! I love ebay!

(The skirt shown here is by Rachel Roy).

Skinny beige pants from Country Road
Since last year, I have been hunting for a pair of slim fitting, beige pants or jeans to wear tucked into my boots. These were $120 (I think) discounted to $39. The inner panel looks quite distinct here (like a wannabe horse rider), but I’ve worn it here and you can hardly tell there’s a contrasting panel.

Things I’m looking to buy...

Things I’m looking to buy…

Halston Heritage White Blazer from
I already have a white blazer, but it has a drape collar… so it tends to add a touch of femininity to my outfits. I’m now looking for a blazer that is a bit more “classic” in style – so my outfits look more smart, formal and polished, in a tuxedo kind of way.

Luisa Beccaria silk blend skirt, from the
I love the soft, feminine look of this skirt. And the understated floral pattern.

YSL Suede Heels in teal, from net-a-porter
There’s something magical about teal and suede and these YSL heels are absolutely stunning. I definitely will have my eyes peeled for something similar, and I’m looking forward to owning a purse in teal.

Snakeskin Purse by Reed Krakoff, from net-a-porter
I’ve always adored the *look* of snakeskin. I have a pair of leather shoes and a handbag in a snakeskin print, but I think a little purse will compliment many evening functions.

Anyway, enough about my wardrobe, have a great weekend everyone! xxx

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My Date With Dirty Harry

14 July 2011

Every Friday night, my husband and I have a little movie night together. We snuggle on the couch, eat snacks, drink hot peppermint tea and give a running commentary about the movie – which adds to our own entertainment.

Anyway, while we both like a dose of mindless, mainstream, blockbuster, big action, adventure movie… we both have a partiality to certain movies, which unfortunately turns us into a married couple cliché.

I like girly romances, with hot guys and a superfluous storyline.

And my husband is a bit of a movie buff, meaning he loves old movies that are “important in the history of the cinema”. Not to mention, he is a guy, so he likes war movies and BOY movies.

I fricking hate war movies and zombie movies and car movies.

And you can be sure he equally hates romantic comedies.

So my husband and I have a deal.

We agree to sit and watch each other’s movie, that way we don’t have to be lonely while we watch TV on a Friday night.

I recently made him watch “Twilight”, which caused him so much pain that he actually became unconscious (or maybe he just fell asleep).

But the next week he paid me back with a really “important classic” – “Dirty Harry” which was made in 1971 and has Clint Eastwood in it.

Well, this is what I got from it, while I painted my nails – fingers AND toes (which is allowed as part of our “deal”).


This is Dirty Harry, a cop in San Francisco, in the early 70s. Ho hum. I’m sure I was supposed to be drawn in by this complex, dark and troubled character, but I was distracted by his clothes. In fact, I was distracted by EVERYONE’S clothes in the movie.

They were all wearing really nice “swinging sixties” clothes – except him. They are all happy and groovy, but he is Mr Square and he looks so grumpy.

In this scene, he just totalled the car on the left, and is moving in to kill the bad guy.


This is the famous Dirty Harry scene – where Harry pulls out his BIG GUN and says “Do You Feel Lucky? Well, do ya, Punk?”

The bad guy surrenders, but Harry pulls the trigger anyway, to reveal that his gun was empty. My husband thinks this is so, so cool (but then, my 8 year old would also think it was cool).


Around this time (5 minutes in), I politely pointed out to my husband that the movie was insanely boring, because it had used almost every “tough cop cliché” ever written. And so my husband triumphantly declared that Dirty Harry was THE ORIGINAL tough cop movie… where all those clichés were born.

Basically, Harry is the true defender of good, and he will do anything to protect the city from evil-doers… even if it is illegal. His bosses won’t let him do his job, and he has no wife. He is a lonely, broken, badly-dressed, super-cop with nothing to lose, and a whole lot of smart-arsed one-liners to get out of his system.

Bigger yawn…


Here, Dirty Harry is getting treatment for a minor flesh wound in the local hospital. Harry is so tough that he wouldn’t normally go to hospital for such a minor thing as a gunshot wound, but his boss made him do it.

This is where we get to see Dirty Harry’s sensitive side, with his legs splayed open in a very “David Beckham for Armani on a Billboard” kind of way. Erotic, no?

We also get to see a nice detail of that maroon knit vest and his slim fit pants. Which – funnily enough – is quite popular these days in men’s fashion.


In this scene, our hero is talking to is his ex-partner, who doesn’t want to work with him anymore. But Harry doesn’t care, because he likes to work alone…


But check out that tweed jacket! And hairstyle!

My husband was getting a little annoyed that I wanted to pause the movie every time Harry wore something different, in order to photograph his outfits for my blog.


This is some unimportant-to-the-story chick who is in the move just to show us how cool everyone in San Francisco is dressed compared to Dirty Harry.

Look at that green coat! Such a statement piece!


And here he looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m sure the Terminator movies drew style inspiration from this scene.

The move came to an end with, surprise, surprise, Dirty Harry using his big gun to blow the evil-genius bad guy away.


And now, I am plotting my revenge…

I’d really like to compare the depiction of Pride and Prejudice the movie (staring Kiera Knightly), with the BBC TV mini series of Pride and Prejudice, which is six glorious episodes of Darcy and Elizabeth.

That’s a total of  SEVEN HOURS of ultra-girly entertainment, without a single gun, car chase or alien…

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The Dreamery – Online Boutique

12 July 2011

I’d love to introduce you all to a new online boutique, The Dreamery.

It features an amazing collection of carefully-selected Australian labels, such as Arnsdorf, Aurelio Costarella, Ellery, Fernando Frisoni, Gary Bigeni, Jayson Brunsdon, Megan Park, Sara Phillips, and Therese Rawsthorne. And it is just full of gorgeous clothes, accessories, beauty and homewares.

Launched late 2010, the boutique already has 16,000+ fans on Facebook – which is pretty impressive if you ask me. It is run by a lovely and ambitious Sarah, whom I met during Australian Fashion Week. She asked if I’d like to review some items – and I said SURE!

But I had been so busy that I didn’t have time to select items for myself, so I asked her to STYLE ME. She sent me a whole box full of samples to play with (I think 30 items in total) and I was in designer clothes heaven. So much good stuff!

From there I chose several items which I adored the most, and created these outfits below.

By the way, my readers can get an additional 10% OFF ALL Autumn Winter Stock (full priced and sale items) see below for details.

The Dreamery - Online Boutique

Outfit 1: This dress looked like a fluffy, deflated balloon when I pulled it out of the bag!

But when I tried it on, it *fell* in the most amazing way. I usually try to stay away from big shapeless dresses, and I would never have picked it out in a shop… but wearing it has definitely made me think again about “shapeless” dresses.

The subtle leopard print is cool. The fabric is lovely and slightly sheer. I wore it with a belt and some booties and it just looked great as a winter outfit.

Loved it and wished I could have kept it. Five, big gold stars from me.

This dress is called Out-In-The-Wild Fall by Limedrop – a hot, emerging Australian label. I’m wearing a Size Au 0 / 6.

The Dreamery - Online Boutique

Then I popped on this furry vest and oooh I was on my way to a real winter outfit. Big black wool coat, black leggings and I’d be all set.

The Faux Hair Cropped Vest is by Arnsdorf – another very, very cool Australian / New York label. I’m a big fan of their stuff.

(Btw the vest is on sale 50% off!)

The Dreamery - Online Boutique

Outfit 2: I’m wearing a little black dress by a label called Harvey. And yes, I know I have a zillion black dresses, but as I stomped around in it in my studio… I realised that it could *actually* be the perfect little black dress.

It has these structured panels that squeezes in at the waist, sits sexily on your hips, and makes your boobs and butt look fantastic. It’s also a mini skirt length so it makes your legs look long. The thick jersey fabric is wonderfully firm and comfortable.

I was *this* close to emailing Sarah to tell her that I’d like to buy it. But sigh, I seriously can’t, as I’m saving up for something else (ha!).

You can see more details about the dress here: Black Print Panelled Structured Dress by Harvey.

It’s also on sale.

The Dreamery - Online Boutique

The Lace Jacket is by Little Joe.

And how amazing is this clutch by Rachel Ruddick??

Pendant and necklace by Rachael Ruddick

Bracelet by House of Baulch

The Dreamery - Online Boutique

Lastly, I’m wearing two shirt dresses. Left is a Pin Tuck Dress by Therese Rawsthorne (on sale!) and…

On the right is an Army Green Dress by Little Joe.

I never wear shirt dresses! I always believed they would make me look short, boxy and boyish. And well, I like to look the exact opposite – taller, curvier and more feminine.

But there you go. I love them! They are so, so cute and relaxed.

If I had to chose between them, hmm, I think I’d go for the Therese Rawsthorne one, because I could pop a skirt over it and easily wear the dress as a top. And the pattern makes it just a bit more unique.

I also am holding a pretty Leather Bag, also by Rachel Ruddick.

The shoes are my own, Suede Wedge Booties by Tony Bianco.

Ah… there were many, many other dreamy items that caught my eye.

The selection of Evening Dresses is pretty amazing.

And you can check out all Sale Items here.

*Special Discount Code*
So the team at The Dreamery are giving all my readers an additional 10% OFF ALL Autumn Winter Stock (full priced and sale items) .

Just enter “KarenCheng” in the promotions code box at checkout. Valid for until 31 July for 10% off everything in store.

Enjoy shopping! Or browsing!

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Growing Up Right

11 July 2011

My birthday falls on the 4th of July, and well… I like to claim the whole month to myself.

Not to mention, it’s just an easy excuse to have lots of dinner parties and celebrations with my beloved friends and family.

On the weekend, I invited my whole extended family over to celebrate.

In the afternoon, my husband cleaned the house, and the boys did a spectacular job in helping out.

I made a salad.

At 6pm, my Mum and Dad arrived – with 8 different dishes that my Mum had spent the whole afternoon cooking. My house filled up with the smells that I have known since I was a kid – roast pork, chicken curry, satays.

And then 30 people I have known all my life crammed into our place, speaking loudly in English and Cantonese, chatting, laughing, sharing funny stories – living.

When it was time for the cake, my aunty produced a huge box – which was a complete surprise to me.

I peered into the cake box and saw a BIG, PINK, ICE CREAM CAKE with my name written in chocolate.

My pink ice cream cake :)

Part of me felt like a kid again. A very special kid, on her very special day.

Part of me felt like I belonged. Having a big, extravagant cake was part of our family tradition after all.

And the rest of me…

I felt so, so blessed to have grown up in this big, crazy family.

And even though I’m 33, I’m still growing.

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Beauty Products I’m Loving – July 2011

8 July 2011

Beauty April 2011

Chanel, Vitalumiere Aqua – I’ve been using this for a few months now, and it’s fricking amazing. It has SPF 15, it glides on, it covers up so SO well and gives my skin the most sensational glow. I thought MAC foundation was good, then I fell in love with Bobbi Brown, then it was Laura Mercier, but this stuff – omg I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use another foundation again.

I bought it for $60 on sale at Duty Free Shopping.

Mecca, In a Good Light – Tinted Facial Sunscreen SPF 30. I wear sunscreen everyday and this feels great on my skin.

I bought it for $45 from Mecca.

Lancome, Juicy Tube Lip Gloss – Heard lots about this gloss. Love the colour (Fraise), and have been wearing it everyday.

I received this in a fashion show gift bag.

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Must Have Warm Toes

6 July 2011

Boots in the sand

I have been living in my boots these last few weeks.

I just pull them on in the morning… and leave them on until I have a shower in the evening.

I stomp around in them all day. In and out of the house.

Haha I even leave them on while having an afternoon nap on the couch!

I guess, when you find a pair that are so heavenly, comfortable and warm, there’s no real point switching to house slippers or woolly ugg boots.

(However today, I had to take them off before chasing my toddler around in the sandpit.)

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Birthday Love

5 July 2011

Karen's Birthday 2011

Yes it was my birthday yesterday! Thank you everyone for the birthday messages, emails, gifts and flowers! Big, warm hugs to you. I really appreciate it.

So what did I get up to?

Most of you know that my husband has been overseas for a couple of weeks. Well he’s back! Best. Present. Ever.

And after 4 weeks away from home… after traveling for 36+ hours… my husband woke up at 6:30am on my birthday and made me pancakes. What a sweetheart.

My boys picked flowers for me, wrote me letters, drew me cards and showered me with kisses and cuddles and gifts. And they sang to me! All of them! It was so cute.

Karen's Birthday 2011

One of my sons bought me a Jamie Oliver 30 Minute Meals cook book. I was very impressed he remembered that I was drooling over it a few months ago.

My other son gave me a fluffy bathrobe (a personal joke between him and I).

Karen's Birthday 2011

I also got a guitar! I have been going on and on about how I want to learn the guitar… and now I’m so excited to start.

Karen's Birthday 2011

In the morning, I had a bit of “me time” and took a quite stroll by myself at the river, in the gorgeous winter sun.

In the afternoon, I did a bit of shopping and had lunch with my parents. We ate a heavenly Penang laksa. Omg it was so good.

Karen's Birthday 2011

In the evening, I cooked a big yummy meal for my family, and topped it off with a chocolate cheese cake with drippy chocolate sauce.

I had a really, really lovely day… and I am slightly embarrassed to say that I have more special events spread out over the next few weeks. Ok I’m not that embarrassed.

I’m feeling very loved.

And it’s grand.

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My Lust List – Online Sales

1 July 2011

These are some of the recent (and awesomest!) sale items I’ve found on the interweb. Just had to share them with you this weekend! Enjoy.

My Lust List - Online Sales July 2011

From the Style Palace Sale

Story By Tang was $160, now $80 (50% off)
Illionaire Dress was $638, now $191 (70% off).
Stylestalker Snake Print Shirt was $139, now $97.30 (30% off)



My Lust List - Online Sales July 2011

From the Style Sophia Sale

Cutout Metallic Tank was $28, now $16.75
Twist Back Dress was $31, now $18
Lyla Cocktail Jersey Dress was $30, now $18.95



My Lust List - Online Sales July 2011

From the Eskay Affairs Sale

Bebe Waldorf Cape was $179.95, now $149.95
Bebe Aviation Leather Jacket was $159.95, now $79.95
Dakota Sequin Dress was $179.95 , now $99.95



My Lust List - Online Sales July 2011

From the Australian Flavour Sale

Friend of Mine Shirt was $195, now $125
Josie Abby Dress was $109.95, now $60
Bec & Bridge T-shirt was $110, now $80

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