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A Book by its Cover

23 June 2011

A few weeks ago, my husband came home with a very old book.

It was quite possibly the oldest book I have ever seen, touched and smelt. (You don’t smell books too?)


It was old, worn and ragged. It was very cool, like pirate’s treasure book, or some ancient spell book.

When my husband first requested the book, the librarians couldn’t find it on their shelves. And librarians don’t like that. They had to go down into one of their deep book vaults to find it.

And when they did find it, they gave it a new barcode sticker and scanned it into the computer system – for the first time in it’s existence. This book had been slowly mouldering away on a shelf, in a deep dark room, for a very long time.


When I opened the book, on the inside, it was like new.

I thought was a bit odd. It was published in 1925, but the pages were still white, and the print still crisp.

I was amazed that the outside was so old, and yet the inside so preserved. How could that be?

And then I looked at the old fashioned “due date” stamp in the back… check out when it was last taken out and opened!