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Magic Gecko Feet

16 June 2011

The other day, my 2 year old toddler ran up to me and said – “There’s a red back spider on my wall!”

Red Back spiders are famously poisonous and dangerous to small children, so I RAN to his room only to discover… this gecko on the wall.

It was clinging to the paint, probably terrified, hoping that we didn’t notice him. But the little guy’s camouflage was not quite working on the wall.

I stood there staring at him. The  more I looked, the more amazed I was. He looked so soft and fleshy. Almost translucent.

Up close and personal. Check out his feet. He may be small, but those crocodile eyes and those sequiny scales show he really is a reptile.

I lifted him carefully into a container and brought him to my lounge room. I set him onto the glass table and turned on some lights.


Isn’t this just amazing?! The underside of gecko feet!

If I keep staring and examining this photo, my mind boggles.

His fingers look like lobster tails. It looks like it was from another planet.

Geckos (apparently) have lots of microscopic hair-trees that have nano-scopic (is that even a word) hair-branches to cling onto tiny cracks in surfaces that we can’t even see. And that’s how they climb up walls.

(I had to crawl on my back under the glass table to get this picture. But it was so worth it.)