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Two Going on Fourteen

6 June 2011

My poor little 2 year old, Liam.

Growing up in a house, where everyone else is bigger, smarter, louder and faster than you… must suck.

I feel a little sad that he has “grown up” so much quicker than my other two children. He doesn’t play with little boy toys. He doesn’t play little boy games. He doesn’t like to watch little boy tv programs.

I suppose he doesn’t know any difference, so to him, this is all normal.

I have been making a huge effort to take him to storytime sessions for little kids at the local library, indoor playgyms for little kids, and joining a mothers group with children closer to his age.

The other day I took him to a music class. The music teacher spoke with a high pitched voice and HAD PUPPETS FOR HANDS.

Liam was shouting, “WHAT THE HELL?? GET ME OUTA HERE!!!”

He was so grumpy about being there.

He was all, “I can’t believe I have to hang out with these babies!!!”

At one point in the class, the children were called up one by one to the front of the room. They were allowed to choose a multi-coloured, hand-painted, wooden musical instrument from a box. There were drums, triangles, maracas, tambourines, and all kinds of magical treasures.

A 2 year old girl squealed with delight as she produced a xylophone from the box. Another gave a cute little grin as she picked up a bunch of bells. Other boys hooted with excitement, because there were trumpets and mini guitars in there too!

When Liam was called up, he plodded over to the box.

I prayed that he would just walk, take, turn around, and walk back, just like a normal child. Just take something! Anything! And walk away!

But instead, he peered into the box and raised his eyebrows  – like a teenager – then made an expression that said – You’ve GOT to be joking right??

After that, he turned back to look at me and shouted, “Mum, I wanna go home and play the wii!”

It all went down hill from there.