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Turn Down the Air Conditioning!!

31 May 2011

Formal jackets for a winter wedding
So the other day I was thinking what I could wear to a wedding.

And in particular, what jacket could I wear, that looked formal enough, and a bit more interesting than “a black dinner jacket”.

Because hey, that was the part where I always fail at weddings.

I would find a gorgeous dress to wear, but most of the night, I would hide inside my husband’s black dinner jacket, because my own jacket wasn’t warm enough ha!

And I’m not talking about an outdoor wedding, this is for inside a restaurant or ball room! Because I always find the air conditioning too cold even if I’m just sitting having dinner.

So I thought I’d put together some formal jackets and coats, to see if I can look relatively stylish while I sit and eat at a formal event.

I started with a lovely blue dress I own (from ASOS). And then tried to find some coats that would match.

But really, these coats would match many different styles of formal outfits.

Formal jackets for a winter wedding

Fur jackets. Whether you’re a fur lover or a faux fur lover… the look of fur is a classic one, and it will always add a splash of glamour to your outfit. Halston Heritage Faux fur coat (, Liska mink shawl (

Formal jackets for a winter wedding

Sequin jackets. A tasteful sequin jacket can be a very pretty addition to an outfit. They are nice to wear all night long during the evening, especially to take the bite out of the crazy-cold air conditioning.  And ok, maybe you’ll need an extra coat! Antik Batik cardigan (, Milly bolero (net-a-porter).

Formal jackets for a winter wedding

Satin jackets. These are particularly nice for day time formal events. They pair well with floral and pastel outfits.  Philip Lim satin jacket and Maje Efi white blazer (net-a-porter).

Shawls or Pashminas. I’m actually not a fan of either. When I wear a shawl, I always feel like an “aunty”. But who knows, I might change my mind as I get older.

All these jackets are fairly classic in their styles, meaning they will always look stylish, and will last for seasons. They are pretty much investment pieces for any wardrobe. If you have any two of them, you’re set for dozens of formal winter events.

As for what I wore – I chose to wear a cream faux fur crop jacket with my blue dress. And yes, I was snug as a bug.

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