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My Gorillas

22 May 2011

It was Sunday afternoon and my husband and I were feeling lazy. Really lazy. I was considering what to make for dinner, and all I could come up with was… toast.

Maybe I would even spread some butter on it.

A thought like that makes me chuckle – because as if I – with The Chinese Mother Gene cruising through my veins – would even consider anything less than a 3 course meal plus broth for dinner.

But, hey my children would totally go for an idea like toast for dinner.

Heck, they’d be happy with frozen, sliced bread served straight from the freezer.

And they would still love me. Which is what I love about having boys. My boys. They are low maintenance. They’d wear the same pair of underwear, socks, t-shirt and shorts for 7 days, until I’d complain that I had nothing to put in my washing machine.

In fact, if I didn’t insist… they’d probably grow their hair out, never cut their finger nails, never brush their teeth, never have a shower, they’d wear their shoes from school, to the park, into the house and then to bed. God help me when they grow into teenagers.

And suddenly the image of 3 big, smelly, dirty gorillas draped around my lounge room drinking milk from the carton made me snap out of my lazy toast daydream.

I jumped up from the couch, poked my husband in the ribs and announced that we’re having a BUSY BEE! RIGHT NOW!

I threw mops, brooms, buckets and sponges at my sons. I told one to attack the bathroom. The other was assigned to the toilet. And the last one (who is only 2 years old) was on picking up duty.

Funnily enough, they quite enjoyed the tasks.

I swear I’ll make gentlemen of my boys.