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Kailis Pearls and Your Chance to Win a $450 Kailis Pearl Necklace

10 May 2011

Kailis Pearls contacted me a few months ago, offering me a gift and inviting me to review their new Oprah Pendant. So while I was happy to receive the gift, I wanted more of a story to tell, because, well, I quite like having new experiences and writing about them.

So I asked if I could pop into the Kailis Pearls store, have them teach me a thing or two about pearls, I’ll try on some pearls and… maybe they could LET ME GIVE AWAY A FREE PEARL NECKLACE to one of my readers?!? They said yes! OMG Kailis Pearls!

So I’m running an exclusive international competition on my blog. For you! My readers! I’m so excited!

Kailis Pearls

Ok. Fact one. I have never worn a real, solid pearl necklace before. And I really didn’t know much about them.

I have never been into pearls. I know they are iconic to any classic ladylike wardrobe, but I was content with owning a few low-cost pearl items – pearl earring studs, long string of pearls necklace, pearl bracelet.

Kailis Pearls

So what is it like to wear real pearls?

Aside from the fact that I was in a huge shop, with big mirrors and windows, in a room full of beautiful natural light, surrounded by glittery diamonds, shelves dripping with white gold and gold – yes I had a girly moment.

The pearls themselves – they felt cold when I first wore them, but they warmed up on my skin, and they became as warm as I was. And it was weirdly (deep breath) sensual, and natural. They felt like they were alive, a part of me, glowing with warmth, like little soft, hard, warm muscles touching and rubbing my skin.

In one word – AMAZING.

And when you take them off, it’s like you’ve lost a part of your body, and you can still feel your warmth radiating from the pearls in your hand.

Kailis Pearls

I did learn some amazing facts from the staff at Kailis, which helped enhance my pearl-wearing experience.

Apparently, Australian Pearls are the largest and most superior pearls in the world. There’s something in the Aussie water that oysters just can’t get enough of.

To make a pearl, a tiny piece of pearl shell is inserted into an oyster. It takes 2 years for the oyster to coat the shell, and for it to turn into a pearl – just like the one I was wearing on my neck.

They DON’T DO ANY grinding or shaping or refining of their pearls. They open up the oysters, give them a good wash, sort through all the pearls they find, pick out the best ones, drill a hole through the middle, string a few together and VOILA – a pearl necklace!

Ok, ok it’s not that simple… but I didn’t realise that natural pearls were so – natural – and so organic.

Also it means that each one is truly unique and that made me very excited. There were some pearls that were shaped like teardrops, pears, little beans, some had rings or creases around the middle, or multiple creases and bumps… and I marvelled at the natural beauty from imperfections.

Kailis Pearls

Fact Two. I was stupid enough to assume that pearls grew in the same kind of little oysters that you ate at seafood restaurants. Ah, no, actually, they don’t. These pearls come from special PEARL oysters.

In this photo I’m showing you the size of a typical pearl oyster shell from the Kailis pearl farms. They are huge! Like a dinner plate!

I also thought it was cool that something so beautiful, perfectly smooth and sensual could emerge from something so rough, coarse and weathered.

Kailis Pearls

These are some Kailis pearl jewellery designs that I just drooled over! Above is a AUD $65,000 couture pearl necklace. Yes, that’s right, there are THREE zeros in that price tag.

Kailis Pearls

A pair of Vibrance Earrings for AUD $19,000. And Marquise Earrings for AUD $11,900.

Haha, I’ll never be able to afford any of them! But there are simple, classic pearl pendants for $1,200… or earrings for $800 on the Kailis Website, and you can buy online, with international delivery.

Enter to win a Kailis Oprah Pendant worth $450!

Oprah Pendant

Kailis teamed up with the producers of the Oprah Winfrey show to spread the word about Kailis and Australian Pearls. They created this pendant featuring a 10-12mm Australian South Sea pearl, 0.02ct ‘secret’ black diamond, 90cm sterling silver chain, and a limited edition ‘O’ medallion.

6000 necklaces were given to all members of the audience at Oprah’s first taping of her Tour of Australia show. Now US celebrities have been seen wearing them to the Oscars etc.

Read more information on the Kailis O Pendant Page.

Kailis gifted me with two of these necklaces, one for me and one for a lucky reader. So it might be you!

Who Can Enter :

This competition is open WORLDWIDE. I know my readers come from all over the world, so I wanted to give everyone a chance to win. You must be over 18 and you must fill out the form below. You can only enter once.

How To Enter :

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