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To Skinny Dip or Not

9 May 2011

When organising my trip to Sydney, I was deciding on which hotel to stay in, as you do.

Of course, my main concerns were price, location and the view. And after an extensive search, I made a shortlist of potential places to stay.

One of them was this hotel.

Holiday Inn Sydney

Now, I know it’s very silly to believe promotional photographs. Especially professional, wide-angle, semi-aerial photographs taken at twilight, and specially created for visual suckers like me.

But I was completely won over.

You can see BOTH the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in one glorious sweeping landscape, set against the classic Australian blue sky.

I somehow imagined that I would eat breakfast on the rooftop while watching the sun rise. And I KNEW it wouldn’t be that good in real life. But hey, I’m such an optimist.

Anyway, it was as good a place as any of the other hotels in my list. So I clicked, and I bought a room.

Sydney Opera House at night

I arrived in Sydney at 8pm, after a 5 hour flight. I was tired and feeling a bit stiff from sitting down in the plane. I threw my bags into my room, and decided to take a stroll.

I walked down to Circular Quay and the streets were buzzing. There were tourists everywhere. There were fashion people walking around, getting ready for fashion week.

I took a few snaps of the Opera House and realised that I was very bright and excited. Oooh should I go check out an inner city bar? Or a club? Or wander deeper into the city?

I looked at my watch, and it was 10pm.

So I decided that I should probably just return to my hotel room, run a hot bath, have a relaxing soak and wind down for a good night’s rest.

Of course, it was only then I remembered THE ROOFTOP POOL.

I literally skipped back to the hotel. I was so excited! Maybe I could have a swim under the stars?

Holiday Inn Sydney

So this is what the rooftop looked like in real life.

Suffice to say, I was pretty disappointed. If the sound of the traffic didn’t spoil the moment, then it was the sound of the air conditioning, the swimming pool pump and random mechanical clunking sounds from the harbour.

Oh well…

I dipped my toes into the pool, and OH MY, it was actually quite warm. I let the soft ripples in the pool lap against my feet as I realised that I REALLY wanted to have a swim.

But I suddenly realised that I had forgotten to pack my swimsuit! DAMN!

And then I had a crazy (and yes, a little bit naughty) thought.

Surely, nobody else is crazy enough to have a swim at this time of night. So nobody would see me. And so… did I even NEED a swimsuit? Just for a quick dip?

But then I remembered that there would be security cameras up there. What if Mr Security guard put video pics of my naked butt on the Internet? And what if someone as crazy as I was… DID arrive for a late night swim.


I looked at my watch, 11pm. I couldn’t believe I was wasting my time deliberating whether I should have a late night swim in the nude!!

I went back to my room, really regretting not bring ing my swimsuit. But then I had an idea. Maybe I could wear my underwear?


I laid some black underwear out on the bed – just my comfy travelling set, a tshirt bra and some cotton mini-boyleg briefs. Of course they could pass as a swimsuit! Right? I’ve seen bikinis with less surface area than this! Rightio!

Haha then I chickened out.

I’m not actually brave (or stupid) enough to wear underwear as a bikini, alone at 11pm in a strange pool in strange hotel in a stange city. So why, oh why, did I think, even for a moment, that I would swim in the nude, alone at 11pm in a strange pool in strange hotel in a stange city?

Obviously, I needed to  get some sleep.

I ran a bath, had a soak and went to bed.