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Black and Gold and Fur

4 May 2011

Black and Gold
OK so I needed an outfit to wear to fashion week… and I had a crazy idea in my head. Well, it was crazy for me.

I wanted to mix a very glam item with a very casual item.

And my idea revolved around a “gold sequin mini skirt” – which, yes I admit, had the potential to look quite trashy. Big fashion risk!

I finally found a really pretty one by LClothes (from YesStyle) for AUD$55. I really liked it because it wasn’t a bright yellow gold colour. It was more of a light gold.

And unlike the other sequin skirts I looked at, it was sequined all the way around the skirt, rather than just the front half!

Black and Gold

For my top, I actually imagined a more haphazard, fisherman’s net kind of knit top. Something that looked a little more rough and knotted.

I bought this slouchy knit top by Puffy (also from YesStyle), and although it wasn’t what I had in mind, I kinda fell in love with it. I have been wearing this top non-stop. I just want to throw it over every casual top-and-jeans-combo. It’s been such good value.

The only annoying thing about wearing a large-weave knit top, is that it HOOKS ONTO EVERYTHING! Rings, necklaces, door handles, stair railings and (embarrassingly) other people’s big rings!

The top I’m wearing underneath, is a lux camisole by Abi and Joseph.

And of course, since it was a fashion week, I thought I’d throw a big faux fur coat (from ASOS) and chunky gold rings.

So after taking a bit of a fashion risk, haha, I LOVED the outfit and I felt fabulous :)

Which is the most important thing!

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