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Time Machines

28 April 2011

Time Machine

My husband and I have a problem.

We like to collect things. Old things, beautiful things, sentimental things, things that make us laugh, things that make us marvel, things that remind us of favourite places… oh, the list goes on.

But recently, when we packed to move into our new house, we were both a little traumatised by how much stuff we had collected over the years. We literally have boxes and boxes AND BOXES of all our beautiful and precious objects stacked up in our shed… still waiting to be sorted, thrown away, or kept.

I have been slowly working through the pile, and today, I thought I’d share a few objects that made me chuckle with delight.

Pictured above, is a little old fashioned day-and-date calendar thing.

My 6 year old saw it and went WOW IT’S A TIME MACHINE!!! Indeed it was.

Floppy Disk

All my documents from 1996, university files, backups and journal writings are currently trapped in these 3 ½ inch floppy disks.

They each store 1.44MB of data. And I think I have more than 100 of them. Oh, what to do. Shall I throw or keep?

Floppy Disk

These are 5¼ inch floppy disks from my family’s old Commodore 64. I kept them because they looked so cute and retro.


OK this put a huge grin on my face. Back in the 80s, personal computers used cassette tapes to hold and load their data, called Datasettes. I distinctly remember myself as a really little kid messing around with these cassettes.

You know, every time I look at these things, I am struck by my own delight. I keep thinking, some time not too long in the future, I’m going to show my grandkids these funny looking objects and they are going to go WTF??