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The Ice Cream Coma

31 March 2011

The Ice Cream Coma

Life has been quite stressful and hectic for me these last few weeks.

We have moved into a new house, which has been great.

But my husband has been doing overtime – with his work and renovations for the new and old house – so he has been absent during the days and nights.

The kids are driving me insane. Refusing to do homework, collecting cockroaches for Science, not eating the food I cook, pushing school rules, explosive tantrums, leaving mess everywhere for me to clean up, refusing to be toilet trained, drawing on the walls, oh the list goes on.

I have zillions of emails to respond to, tasks are piling up, and my to-do list is just impossible!!

After a long day yesterday, I put all three kids to sleep… I staggered over to the couch, curled up under a blanket, turned on the tv, and I was about to indulge myself in an extraordinary display of self-pity and gluttony by eating as much ice cream as humanly possible.

However, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw a tv report on Japan’s  disaster. I was completely shaken into perspective.

I put the ice cream back into the freezer, sat back on the couch and I shed a few tears for those who have been lost, and for those who have survived.

I counted my blessings for today, and I was grateful for all that was good in my life.

The ice cream coma may have to wait until next time.