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An Old House and a New House

14 March 2011

I want to share some very special news with everyone!

3 years ago, my husband and I bought a new house. It was a bigger house, on a bigger block, and it was across the street from where we were currently living. It was literally 3 houses away!

My husband spent 2 months renovating it – sanding all the wood floors, painting walls, varnishing trim, installing new fittings, and he even built me a brand new kitchen, with a counter top exactly the right height for my petite size.

Here’s a before and after photo of the kitchen. I’m so proud of my husband, he did a fantastic job.

New House - Kitchen

At the time, we were not ready to move into it – we were trying to get pregnant with our 3rd child, there was a timing issue, emotional and financial stress…and the truth is, we didn’t really feel like we needed it. We only bought it then because the opportunity to get a bigger house in the street we already loved was too good to pass up. So we rented it out to someone else, who were excellent neighbours.

But now, with three energetic boys tearing around the house, we decided we needed to move. And last week, we did just that.

I have had many, many headaches and meltdowns during the move.

BUT OMG it was so worth it, I am so so so excited and happy!!

But as I wandered around the empty old house for the last time, I was struck all the memories and beautiful corners I’m leaving behind.

Here is my favourite memento – a door frame onto which we have scrawled the height of all our children over the last 7 years.

Old House - Door Frame

This old house is the place where two of my children were conceived. They all learned to walk and talk and play and cry here.

This little house is where my husband nearly died in 2004, and got better again, and where I fell into a deep depression in 2007, and then got strong again.

We’ve done so much… LIVING… here.

And that makes me realise that the new house isn’t just a bigger kitchen and more space.

It’s the place where my kids will grow into adults through the heartbreaks and pimples of their teenage years.

And it’s the place my husband and I will grow old together.

It’s my dream home.