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Abi and Joseph Basics + Travelwear

8 March 2011

Abi and Joseph Travel WearAfter doing a bit of travelling last month, I wanted to do a little feature on WHAT DO I WEAR on a plane.

And I wanted to feature one of my favourite online boutiques for basic and active wear, Abi and Joseph, because I really love their stuff :)

I’m a very practical person at heart, so when I travel, comfort is the most important thing for me.

But I have to admit, I just can’t bring myself to wear my tracksuit pants while travelling.

Maybe wearing them DURING the flight is OK. But wearing them while walking around the airport terminal? Can’t do it.

On the plane, I prefer to wear a very comfortable fitted t-shirt and snug jeans with a bit of stretch.

Then when I’m walking around the air conditioned terminal, I pop on a blazer or nice cardigan, so I don’t feel like such a slob.

Here I’m wearing a Basic White Capped Sleaved Tee by Abi and Joseph, and my Nobody jeans.

The top is just gorgeous. It’s like the ultimate, high-quality, classic tee. Stretchy, soft and feels lovely on my skin.

They come in a range of other colours too – light grey, grey blue, pistachio and black.

Abi and Joseph Travel Wear

I like the range of Body Tops from Abi and Jospeh too. They are basically 3/4 sleeve round neck tops – in the same material as the tees – and great for yoga or pilates too.

I also like to wear a scarf, because I get cold easily, and I can turn it into a shawl or a pillow or a blanket. This one was a gift, so I’m not sure where it was from.

Ballet Wraps are a really nice alternative to a cardigan. I like how you can sleep in all kinds of positions without having to worry about buttons. They also keep you snug and warm. I’m wearing the Delux Wrap in Mushroom.

For my legs, I prefer jeans. But I also found that wearing yoga leggings (that are not-so-tight) are very comfy too. Or yoga style pants (where the waist band folds down).

I haven’t yet tried out the Relaxed Fitted Pants from Abi and Joseph, but apparently it’s one of their most popular items and their customers just love it. Must try it out next time.

Abi and Joseph for Travel Wear

This is me playing with a few other pieces that are great as travel wear, mixed with my own clothes.

From left to right: A White Body Top, a Short Sleeve Ballet Wrap, and a Stripe Tank worn in two styles, including A&J leggings.

Happy shopping! xxx

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